Ashima Shiraishi climbs Horizon V15 | 8C

Ashima Shiraishi has done the first repetition of Dai Koyamada’s Horizon in Mt. Hiei, Japan. With this ascent she becomes the youngest person (and the first woman) ever to climb a V15.

Una foto publicada por Ashima | 阿島 (@ashimashiraishi) el

Una foto publicada por Brett Lowell (@brettlowell) el

Horzion is a 30 move long roof problem first climbed by Koyamada in 2014 2015 (thx Markku!). He considers it one of his hardest problems ever. Shirashi was really close to sending it during the Christmas holidays, falling three times from the last hold.

Dai Koyamada climbing Horizon. Pics from his blog.

With just 14 years of age, Shiraishi has broken all the records (this is her 6th problem over V13), climbing at the highest level both in lead and in bouldering, and doing very well in competitions too. Just last week she won the Tristate Bouldering Series final ahead of Alex Puccio, who’s possibly the only female whose ticklist can compare to Ashima’s.

Update: Good article by Andrew Bisharat: “Shiraishi’s ascent of Horizon is likely the hardest thing that’s ever been climbed by a female”


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