Bloc Shop Open and Portland Boulder Rally catch-up

While the European comp scene is pretty much done for the season, a couple of big bouldering events took place on the other side of the Atlantic. In Canada, The Bloc Shop Open attracted many international stars while, in the USA, the Portland Boulder Rally gathered some of the strongest boulderers in North America.

Mawem and Codie win the Bloc Shop Open

Bloc Shop, located in Montreal, held its second Open comp. Like last year, they managed to attract many international stars. Crushers like Katha Saurwein, Sebastien Lazure, Kyra Condie, Petra Klingler, Jorg Verhoeven, Nathaniel Coleman or last year’s winners Melissa Le Neve and Mickael Mawem were there. In the end, Mawem defended his title while Kyra Condie won on the female side.

1- Kyra Condie | Mickael Mawem
2- Petra Kingler | Jorg Verhoeven
3- Melissa Le Neve | Nathaniel Coleman

Detailed results here.

You can watch the entire final here and the semis here.

Fultz and Yip win in Portland

Meanwhile, last weekend, Portland hosted its Boulder Rally at The Circuit Gym with many North American stars present (Carlo Traversi, Jimmy Webb, Maya Madere…). The winners were Matt Fultz and Canadian Champion Alannah Yip.

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