Bloco Masters 2017 is here!

Bloco Masters, the biggest bouldering comp, in Poland is back with an impressive lineup of almost 600 climbers, including many World Cup competitors. The final, following the IFSC format and set by world-class route setters, will be streamed on Saturday.

The qualification round will take place tomorrow, groups of 150 climbers will face 40 problems. Then the semis and finals will happen on Saturday.

Inspecting the list of registered climbers we find international competitors like Kipras Baltrunas, Michaela Tracy, Rolands Rugens and, of course, many of the best climbers in Poland, including last year’s winner Katarzyna Ekwińska.

The route setting team is also full of stars: Tomasz Oleksy, Adam Pustelnik, Aleksander Romanowski, Andrzej Mecherzyński-Wiktor (who ended up in third place last year, but who has changed his role this time), Adam Pracownik, Piotr Stępniak and Tomek Zacharewicz.

The final will be streamed live at Saturday at 21:20 (CET).

Here’s the 2016 final:

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