Bloco Masters 2017: Sergei Budtajew and Michaela Tracy win in Warsaw

The 2017 edition of Bloco Masters, held at Bloco, in Warsaw, has been the biggest to date with almost 600 climbers taking part. Russian Sergei Budtajew and British Michaela Tracy won the masters competition ahead of Rolands Rugens (Latvia), Margarita Zacharowa (Ukraine), Piotr Bunsch (Poland) and Nika Potapowa (just 14 years old! from the Ukraine).

Una foto publicada por Michaela Tracy (@michaela.s.tracy) el

The international character of the event was emphasized by a final with 6 different nationalities and a setting team lead by two IFSC route setters: Tomasz Oleksy and Adam Pustelnik (who also did the live commentary, in English, along with Grzegorz Karolak).

1. Sergei Budtajew | Michaela Tracy
2. Rolands Rugens | Margarita Zacharowa
3. Piotr Bunsch | Nika Potapowa
4. Kuba Jodłowski | Agata Wiśniewska
5. Sergii Topishko | Kasia Ekwińska
6. Michaił Koczetkow | Diana Lotina

You can check the full results here.

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Un vídeo publicado por Anatoly (@anatoly___) el

And, if you wanna watch the final, here’s the whole livestream:

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