British Bouldering Championships Live!


The British Bouldering Champs are taking place this weekend in Sheffield. Make sure you don’t miss the final round this evening, starting at 17:15 (UTC+1).

So far the results have been quite predictable and we’ll get to see all the favorites climbing in finals.

Shauna Coxsey, obvious candidate to the title and 2016 Overall Bouldering World Cup Champion, is in first place after an almost perfect semifinal round (4 tops in 5 attempts).

The finalists are:

  1. Shauna Coxsey – Matt Cousins
  2. Michaela Tracy – Dave Barrans
  3. Tara Hayes – Nathan Phillips
  4. Jo Neame – Billy Ridal
  5. Leah Crane – James Garden
  6. Gracie Martin – Orrin Coley

Watch the finals here (17:15, UTC+1):

Here you have the semifinal replay:

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