Catalan Witness the Fitness by Martin Stranik

Martin Stranik has repeated Chris Sharma’s Catalan Witness the Fitness, in Cova de Ocell, Spain. The Czech did a quick ascent, investing only two days. Sharma opened the line a year ago and since then it has been repeated by Alberto Rocasolano, Felipe Camargo, and Nacho Sánchez.


“totally my style, but really not hardest problem of this the year” From his scoreboard

Stranik is currently 8th in the IFSC Bouldering World Ranking and 7th in the 2016 Overall Bouldering World Cup Ranking.

Update (05/01/2017): Here’s the uncut footage of the ascent

Catalan Witness the Fitness is a long roof problem, full of crimps and with two crux moves: a dynamic reach to a good crimp and a hard gaston with poor footholds. Sharma didn’t give a grade after the first ascent, since then an important hold broke and now the consensus seems to be around 8C | V15. The name references another famous roof problem opened by Sharma, Witness the Fitness, located in Arkansas.

Here’s Stranik on the first crux:

And Alberto Rocasolano climbing the whole thing:

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