What goes into running a World Cup | Matthias Keller interview

An IFSC World Cup is a massive event, with more than a hundred people involved and lots of moving parts to be coordinated. In this interview, Matthias Keller, organizer of the Munich event for many years, talks about what goes into running the biggest WC of the season.

Should she get the bonus?

During a competition held in F5 Climbing Center, Bangkok, it was decided, on the fly, that problem would have zone|bonus holds. But they didn’t decide how to award them. And that created some problems…

Nalle Hukkataival developing The Realm in Rocklands

Last summer, Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival spent weeks developing a new sector, The Realm, in the bouldering paradise of Rocklands, South Africa. Now Kevin Takashi Smith has released a video about those days of hard work and first ascents. Enjoy!

Great interview with Shauna Coxsey

“Your mindset and how you deal with things is a choice”

Bonus vs. Zones, is there a difference?

If you watched bouldering live streams lately, you may have noticed that nobody talks about bonuses anymore. Now they all refer to that special, tie-breaking hold, as the zone. Why is that?

The Real Thing, the original bouldering movie, free on YouTube!

Moon Climbing has just released on YouTube the 1996 bouldering movie The Real Thing, the first 100% bouldering movie ever!

How to set a tricky dyno, with Niklas Wiechmann

German setter Niklas Wiechmann, from Beta Routesetting, shares his setting process while creating a 1-2 dyno. A short and sweet video that helps us understand setting and the decisions it involves a bit better.

Alex Puccio vs. Akiyo Noguchi | Compare and Contrast

Today I wanna share a new experiment. A climbing comparison video in which I (over)analyze and compare how Alex Puccio and Akiyo Noguchi climbed the same problem during the 2013 World Cup in Log Dragomer, Slovenia.

The new USA Scoring System, an alternative to the IFSC System?

USA Climbing has a new scoring system for bouldering. A very simple and direct method for assessing the performance of the climbers that tries to keep it as easy to understand as possible while still dividing the field in the fairest way possible.

Chris Sharma in World Cup!? | Sunday Sends

Chris Sharma is an absolute climbing legends, famous for his cutting-edge first ascents in bouldering, lead and deep water soloing. And although he’s not known for his comp climbing, back in the day he took part in a handful of international competitions. Let’s see him competing in France in 2001, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.