“You almost want it to be more special”, Nalle Hukkataival reflects on his ascent of Burden of Dreams V17 | 9A

About a year ago, Finnish athlete Nalle Hukkataival made history by climbing the infamous Lappnor project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it 9A | V17, the first ever. A short movie was made of that ascent (and the long process that led to it), and now an interview recorded right after the ascent […]

Jan Hojer getting close on The Big Island sit start

Jan Hojer has spent some time in Fontainbleau trying one of the longest standing projects in the forest, the sit start to The Big Island. A few days ago Hojer published a short video in which he does most of the moves of the traverse into The Big Island and then a couple of moves […]

Ashima sending Nuclear War V14 | 8B+

Reel Rock has released a video that is part of the extras of the 11th edition of the series. It features Ashima Shiraishi doing the first repetition (and first female ascent) of Nuclear War, a V14 | 8B+ problem that she climbed last year.

Nalle Hukkataival sends the Lappnor project, “Burden of Dreams”, world’s first V17

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival has climbed his longest and hardest boulder to date, the infamous Lappnor Project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it V17 | 9A, which would make it the hardest problem ever climbed.

Hojer and Kruder team up to repeat Es Pontas

German powerhouse Jan Hojer and Slovenian star Jernej Kruder are in Mallorca, Spain, working on the most famous deep water soloing (AKA psicobloc) line ever: Chris Sharma’s Es Pontas. Opened by Sharma in 2006, the route remains unrepeated and it is considered one of the hardest on the planet.

Video-gems: Hiking up Esperanza

Here’s an impressive video of Canadian climber Josh Muller repeating Fred Nicole’s Esperanza (V14 | 8B+) in Hueco Tanks, Texas. Esperanza is one of the most famous and hardest problems in Hueco, the kind of line that doesn’t require any kind of climbing knowledge to be appreciated.

Gabri Moroni proves his Ninja Skills

Italian climber Gabri Moroni has repeated one of Nalle Hukkataival’s most famous problems: Ninja Skills, a long and tall 8B+ | V14 located in Sobrio, Switzerland.

Video-gems: Giovanni Traversi vs. Ambrosia

Five Ten has released an hypnotic video about Giovanni Traversi’s struggle against his own fears while working on Kevin Jorgeson’s Ambrosia, one of the tallest and hardest high-balls out there.

Jorg Verhoeven repeats The Wheel of Life

Dutch climber Jorg Verhoeven has repeated what’s probably the most famous line in Australia: The Wheel of Life, a massive linkage of several roof boulder problems in Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampians.

Isabelle Faus, first female ascent of Amandla V14

Isabelle Faus in Rocklands

American climber Isabelle Faus has pulled off yet another mind-blowing ascent. A few days ago, in Rocklands, she repeated Fred Nicole’s Amandla, graded V14 | 8B+.