Clever way to use your hip! | Sunday Sends

This week we are going to review an ascent by British climber James Garden. Not a big competition star but a really strong climber that was part of the UK Team for a few years. We are going to see him topping a problem during the World Cup in Innsbruck in 2013. Enjoy!

Buenos Aires 2018: Combined Youth Olympic Finals today and tomorrow

The Youth Olympic Games are taking place in Buenos Aires and climbing is part of it. The combined finals will take place today and tomorrow and our sport will have its first Olympic Champions.

Bloc Shop Open and Portland Boulder Rally catch-up

While the European comp scene is pretty much done for the season, a couple of big bouldering events took place on the other side of the Atlantic. In Canada, The Bloc Shop Open attracted many international stars while, in the USA, the Portland Boulder Rally gathered some of the strongest boulderers in North America.

What do you mean “run and jump”?? | Sunday Sends

If last week we saw a very old-school problem, today we gonna go to the other extreme. We gonna revisit a modern-style problem that got some climbers confused about how they were supposed to start the problem. Enjoy!

THIS is truly old-school | Sunday Sends

Nowadays after almost every big final, there’s a lot of talk about modern setting style vs. old-school setting. This Sunday we gonna look back at an ascent from 10 years ago, to see how a truly old-school problem looks like. Don’t expect too many volumes or triple dynos, and you gonna need to look closely […]

That’s not how you are supposed to climb! | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna see one of the most unorthodox climbers in the international competition circuit, World Champion Tomoa Narasaki. He has his own way of doing things and sometimes that includes his own way of solving mantles!

Miho Nonaka and Jernej Kruder win Adidas Rockstars 2018

The final of Adidas Rockstars has been, as expected, a great show. The problems were significantly harder than in the semis but they kept the dynamic style. Miho Nonaka won her first Adidas Rockstars title in the super final against Alex Puccio and Jernej Kruder secured his second title racing against Jongwon Chon (who’s been […]

We have our finalists! Adidas Rockstars Semifinals 2018

Easy but droppable problems in the semifinals. The male round was a flash fest in which 4 tops in 9 attempts were necessary to make finals. Keita Watabe and Alex Puccio are in first place.

Tops galore in the qualifying round of Adidas Rockstars

Adidas Rockstars is in full swing in the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. The qualifying round took place this morning and some big names are already out. The boulders, with one exception, fell on the easy side and mistakes were harshly punished.

“We want the athletes to feel special” Sonja Gueldner-Hamel interview

Sonja Gueldner-Hamel is one of the masterminds behind Adidas Rockstars. Over the years she’s worked behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and the event is the best way to present the sport and the athletes to the whole world.