Video from the 2017 Belgian Bouldering Champions by champion Chloé Caulier

Chloé Caulier and Lukar Franckaert claimed the Belgian Championship title in the nationals hosted two weeks ago in Klimbzaal Blok, Hoboken. Check out this summary of the event published by Caulier.

2 ascents out of 30 climbers! Thomas Tauporn, Munich 2013 | Sunday Sends

Thomas Tauporn was one of the route setters for the Bundesliga final that took place yesterday. He stopped competing internationally in 2014, but back in the day, he had very good results both in lead and in bouldering comps. Let’s see him flashing the hardest problem in the qualifying round of the 2013 Munich Bouldering […]

The big final of the Bundesliga live on Saturday

This Saturday, Climbmax Stuttgart will host the final round of the Bundesliga, a massive, year-round series of bouldering competitions that take place all over Germany. Climbers have been competing since January in up to 11 events. On Saturday, after the 12th qualifying round, the top 6 will compete in the big final.

More highlights from Legends Only

Here you have a couple of videos from the 2017 edition of La Sportiva Legends Only, via EpicTV and Relais Vertical.

Fanny Gibert on her way to the final | Sunday Sends

French Champion Fanny Gibert offered a great performance during La Sportiva Legends Only last week. Let’s use that as an excuse to revisit one of her ascents during the World Cup in Vail 2014.

Thoughts on La Sportiva Legends Only 2017

The 2017 edition of La Sportiva Legends Only took place last weekend in Stockholm. Shauna Coxsey won the comp and we got to see some spectacular climbing. Here you have some thoughts about the route setting and some technical aspects of the event and the streaming.

The Spanish Cup finishes at Sharma Climbing, Jonatan Flor and Itziar Zabala claim the title

The fourth and last stage of the Spanish Bouldering Cup took place in Barcelona, at Chris Sharma’s gym, over the weekend. Jonatan Flor and Julia Pinggera won the comp and, on the overall rank, Flor and Itziar Zabala claimed the title.

Jimmy Webb, PRO Climber | Sunday Sends

To celebrate last night’s edition of La Sportiva Legends Only, we gonna take a look at an ascent from the 2016 edition. Jimmy Webb walked into the venue that day under less than ideal health conditions, but he plowed through it and topped two problems in a display of professionalism and commitment.

La Sportiva Legends Only 2017 is here!

The 2017 edition of La Sportiva Legends Only takes place tomorrow, at 8 pm, in Stockholm. Petra Klingler, Katja Kadic, Fanny Gibert, Melissa Le Neve, Stasa Gejo and Shauna Coxsey will face 5 very challenging problems in a unique competition format.

More videos from the China Open

It’s a pity that we didn’t get to watch the China Open. The problems look quite good (no surprise, the setters were Manu Hassler and Matthias Woitzuck). Here you have a handful of video that trickled through social media.