The day Jan Hojer turned rain into gold | Sunday Sends

No more World Champions for a while! Today we gonna see a climber that has never been World Champions but that has won his fair share of IFSC medals, Jan Hojer. We gonna review his last ascent from the first World Cup that he won. A competition in which initially he didn’t even make semis!

Massive slab + coordination dyno! | Sunday Sends

We still have room for yeat another World Champion! To celebrate Jule Wurm’s comeback from retirement (don’t get too excited, she’s just taking part in Dock Masters 2019) we gonna see her topping a very hard slab during her most successful competition season, 2014. That year she won the Bouldering World Championships in Munich.

Dock Masters 2019, the international comp season starts this weekend!

The new season is here! The first international bouldering competition of the year will take place this weekend in The Netherlands. International stars from 10 different countries will compete on 3 rounds, following IFSC rules. The final, on Sunday, will be streamed live on youtube.

She destroyed this powerful boulder! | Sunday Sends

Time for another World Champion! Our fifth in a row. This week we feature an ascent by two times World Champion Anna Stöhr. We gonna see the Austrian legend making a very powerful problem look easy. Or easy until the very last move, which caused trouble to all the climbers that got so far up […]

3 Times Climbing World Champion vs. Horrible Pinches | Sunday Sends

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unpichable pinch? That’s more or less what we gonna see today. Dmitry Sharafutdinov facing a brutal problem during the semifinal round of the 2014 World Cup in Chongqing, China. Most climbers fell on pretty much the first move, but Dmitry almost flashed the boulder!

He completely misread this sequence! | Sunday Sends

This week we continue with yet another World Champion (after Adam Ondra and Petra Klingler). Today we gonna see Sean McColl crushing during the semis of the 2014 World Cup in Toronto. There, he made his way to the final with an ascent of the hardest semifinal problem. He could have flashed it, but during […]

Not much of dyno, but still a huge swing! | Sunday Sends

Today we gonna see how World Champion Petra Klingler tackled a tricky sideways dyno during the 2013 World Cup in Innsbruck. The move wasn’t a big jump at all, but the configuration of the holds produced a big swing that only a handful of climbers managed to control. It took Petra 6 tries, but she finally […]

Massive volume, no holds, poor texture. Welcome to Toronto! | Sunday Sends

Today we welcome 2019 with an ascent by the one and only Adam Ondra. We gonna see him topping a very technical problem that revolved around a massive volume with no holds and less-than-ideal texture. Tricky and frustrating, this problem shut down most climbers in the competition. Adam needed some tries, but he finally managed […]

A Shoulder + Finger Test! Sunday Sends

This is the last Sunday Sends of 2018! We gonna bid farewell to an amazing year of bouldering with a hard ascent by Russian crusher Vadim Timonov. During the 2014 Innsbruck Bouldering World Cup, he was one of the 5 climbers who managed to top the third qualifying problem. Let’s see it!

The ascent that got me 2 MILLION views! | Sunday Sends

This Sunday, we celebrate Christmass with a very special ascent. The one by Chris Sharma during the 2014 Deep Water Soloing event that took place in Puente La Reina, Spain. The video I made from that event has been super popular and so far has been viewed well over 2 Million times! Today we gonna […]