The European Bouldering Champs format explained

ECH-2017 (2)

The upcoming Bouldering World Cup in Munich will also serve as European Bouldering Championship. The solution to accommodate that second competition in a World Cup can be a bit confusing and it has been surrounded by controversy. In this video, I try to explain it all as clearly as possible.

Miho Nonaka, Newborn Star | Sunday Sends

sunday_sends_miho_nonaka_innsbruck_2014 (2)

This Sunday we witness Japanese star Miho Nonaka making her way to her first World Cup final. It was in Innsbruck, back in 2014. She was just 16 years old.

Slovenian Gold for Sean McColl | Sunday Sends

sean_mccoll_log_dragomer_2013_m4 (1)

Let’s go back to Log-Dragomer 2013, where Canadian star Sean McColl won his first gold medal in a senior bouldering comp. Sean knew he needed to flash M4, and he didn’t fail.

Tamara Kuznetsova: No Surrender | Sunday Sends

tamara_kuznetsova_paris_2012 (1)

In this edition of Sunday Sends we go back to Paris 2012 to witness Tamara Kuznetsova’s determination in the face of a very frustrating move. Doing well in international comps requires not only the physical attributes but a strong mental game too.

“Bouldering is a different game” | Domen Škofic interview

domen_skofic_interview_vail_2017 (1)

Slovenian star and 2016 Overall Lead World Cup Winner Domen Škofic talks about competing in bouldering and his plans for the season.

Sunday Sends: Jan Hojer crushing in Toronto

jan_hojer_toronto_2014_finals_m1 (2)

In this edition of Sunday Sends we travel to Canada to watch German powerhouse Jan Hojer sending the first problem in the male final of the 2014 IFSC Bouldering World Cup. He was the only one who managed to top it.

Japan dominates the Asian Youth Champs

asian_youth_championships_2017_male_juniors_podium (2)

The Japanese Team keeps breaking records and making jaws drop. Last weekend their youth competitors won 15 medals, including every single gold, in the bouldering categories during the Asian Youth Championships hosted in Singapore.

How many climbers per country can take part in a World Cup?

team_japan_hachioji_2017 (2)

How many climbers per country are allowed in IFSC competitions? Is there a limit? Is it the same for every country? And if so… how come the Japanese team had more than 40 climbers in Hachioji? Here are the answers!

Leah Crane and Tyler Landman, 2017 British Bouldering Champions

british_nationals_2017_male_podium (2)

Leah Crane and Tyler Landman have won the 2017 British Bouldering Championships, hosted last weekend in Sheffield. Hannah Slaney, Anže Peharc, Molly Thompson-Smith and Nathan Phillips completed the podium.

Tim Reuser and Kim van den Hout, 2017 Dutch Bouldering Champions

dutch_nationals_2017_podium (1)

The Dutch Nationals took place over the weekend in Amsterdam. Tim Reuser and Kim van den Hout took the gold followed by Elko Schellingerhout, Tiba Vroom, Don van Laere and Julia Meijer.