Hard to start, hard to finish! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see Swiss powerhouse Cedric Lachat sending a problem with one of the most difficult starting moves ever. It was the hardest problem in the semifinal of Log Dragomer 2013.

Lots of volumes for Jule! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see World Champion Juliane Wurm climbing during the final in which she won her first gold medal, Innsbruck 2013. We gonna review the only problem that she couldn’t flash that evening. Enjoy!

Jorg Verhoeven, Seriously!? | Sunday Sends

Dutch star Jorg Verhoeven is known for climbing hard in all kinds of terrain. We’ve seen him climbing on the massive grey walls of Yosemite and today we gonna see him on a not so massive green wall in Slovenia.

Jakob Schubert, Encore | Sunday Sends

Jakob Schubert just pulled off one of the hardest flashes ever. Let’s use this as an excuse to review one of his tops from Kitzbühel 2013, a comp in which he had to climb a problem twice in order to claim the gold medal.

2 ascents out of 30 climbers! Thomas Tauporn, Munich 2013 | Sunday Sends

Thomas Tauporn was one of the route setters for the Bundesliga final that took place yesterday. He stopped competing internationally in 2014, but back in the day, he had very good results both in lead and in bouldering comps. Let’s see him flashing the hardest problem in the qualifying round of the 2013 Munich Bouldering […]

Sachi Amma, On Eggshells | Sunday Sends

Japanese star Sachi Amma is, obviously, a killer when it comes to lead climbing. He has won 29 medals in World Cups and has been Overall Champion 2 times. But back in the day, he did a few bouldering events and proved that he can crush boulders too. This Sunday we gonna see him climbing […]

Melissa Le Neve, Don’t Let Go | Sunday Sends

French star Melissa Le Neve may have retired from the World Cups, but she’s still climbing as hard as ever. Two weeks ago she won the Bloc Shop Open, in Montreal, ahead of climbers like Alannah Yip or Alex Puccio. Outdoors, over the last year, she climbed her first 8B | V13 and 8B+ | […]

Alex Puccio, Out of Balance | Sunday Sends

Since Alex Puccio seems to be doing super well both in comps and on rock, let’s revisit one of her tops from 2013, a technical problem from the World Cup in Log Dragomer, Slovenia.

Yuri Novitskiy, Cornered | Sunday Sends

Let’s revisit an ascent from the 2013 edition of the Munich WC (since I’m in town to cover this year’s event). We gonna see Russian climber Yuri Novitskiy thinking outside the box and finding his own way to the top.

European Bouldering Championship 2013 – Results

Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber after winning the European Bouldering Championship

Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber have won the European Bouldering Championship. For Fischhuber this is his first championship ever. Mina Markovic, Dmitry Sharafutdinov, Mélanie Sandoz and Jakob Schubert completed the podium.