The day Chon arrived | Sunday Sends

There was a time when Jongwon Chon wasn’t the massive star that he is today. Back in 2014, when he made his first final, many of us were scratching our heads wondering who this young crusher was. Today we gonna review an impressive ascent from that day.

A tricky sequence and a hard pull to the top | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna look back at a hard ascent by Guillaume Glairon-Mondet that took place during the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup in Grindelwald, Switzerland. The last pull to grab the top was very very hard!

Only 3 tops and only THIS flash! | Sunday Sends

Today we gonna see James Kassay sending a super hard slab problem from Chongqing 2014. This problem shut down most of the semifinal climbers that day, only 3 tops. James took his time on the wall and had to improvise a lot, but he managed to flash it and secure a spot in the final.

Bad holds, slightly overhanging… another old-school gem! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see Gabri Moroni faced with a pretty hard line that shut down most climbers in the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup in Grindelwald. Only 5 tops and nobody climbed it in less than 3 tries. The last move was very difficult but, on his 6th attempt, Gabri found the way […]

Massive slab + coordination dyno! | Sunday Sends

We still have room for yeat another World Champion! To celebrate Jule Wurm’s comeback from retirement (don’t get too excited, she’s just taking part in Dock Masters 2019) we gonna see her topping a very hard slab during her most successful competition season, 2014. That year she won the Bouldering World Championships in Munich.

3 Times Climbing World Champion vs. Horrible Pinches | Sunday Sends

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unpichable pinch? That’s more or less what we gonna see today. Dmitry Sharafutdinov facing a brutal problem during the semifinal round of the 2014 World Cup in Chongqing, China. Most climbers fell on pretty much the first move, but Dmitry almost flashed the boulder!

He completely misread this sequence! | Sunday Sends

This week we continue with yet another World Champion (after Adam Ondra and Petra Klingler). Today we gonna see Sean McColl crushing during the semis of the 2014 World Cup in Toronto. There, he made his way to the final with an ascent of the hardest semifinal problem. He could have flashed it, but during […]

A Shoulder + Finger Test! Sunday Sends

This is the last Sunday Sends of 2018! We gonna bid farewell to an amazing year of bouldering with a hard ascent by Russian crusher Vadim Timonov. During the 2014 Innsbruck Bouldering World Cup, he was one of the 5 climbers who managed to top the third qualifying problem. Let’s see it!

A flashing masterclass by Kilian Fischhuber | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna review an ascent by the one and only Kilian Fischhuber. During the qualifying round of the 2014 World Cup in Innsbruck, he offered an impressive flash of a very hard, crimpy and technical problem. We can learn a lot about climbing movement just watching him make his way to the top!

The only time this happened in a World Cup! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna review a very unique ascent, done by Shauna Coxsey. It is unique because it was the only time that a problem has been used for both men and women during an IFSC senior bouldering World Cup. In 2014, in the Chongqing event, the last qualifying problem for the men was also […]