Massive volume, no holds, poor texture. Welcome to Toronto! | Sunday Sends

Today we welcome 2019 with an ascent by the one and only Adam Ondra. We gonna see him topping a very technical problem that revolved around a massive volume with no holds and less-than-ideal texture. Tricky and frustrating, this problem shut down most climbers in the competition. Adam needed some tries, but he finally managed […]

The setters wanted it all! Only 4 climbers passed the test | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see Fanny Gibert climbing a very hard qualifying problem from Munich 2015. The kind of boulder that requires pretty much every skill in a climber’s arsenal: balance, coordination, flexibility, finger strength… it was all necessary. Perhaps that’s why only 4 climbers out of 41 got the top.

Too powerful!? Less than 5% got this top! | Sunday Sends

Today we gonna see 2018 Overall Bouldering World Cup Champion Miho Nonaka sending a very powerful problem from Munich 2015. This problem shut down 81 out of 85 climbers! The last move, in particular, was very hard, the top was a massive jug, but it was a looong reach away!

It doesn’t get much flatter than this! | Sunday Sends

Today we celebrate Jan Hojer’s ascent of Es Pontas with footage from a radically different problem: a super flat and technical slab from the 2015 World Cup in Munich. It only got two tops (out of 59 climbers) but Jan made it look pretty easy!

Sit back and… match? | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna feature another Japanese superstar. If last week we saw Miho Nonaka in action, today we gonna witness Akiyo Noguchi topping a problem in a very unorthodox way. Enjoy!

If Picasso was a route setter… | Sunday Sends

Miho Nonaka just won her first Overall Bouldering World Cup title. To celebrate it, we gonna see her topping a very hard boulder from Haiyang 2015. A boulder that looks like a piece of modern art!

Here comes the Payne! | Sunday Sends

Angie Payne is one of the strongest US boulderers ever. Yesterday’s IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail is the perfect excuse to review one of her tops from the same event, but 3 years ago.

A jaw-dropping move by Akiyo Noguchi | Sunday Sends

Akiyo Noguchi just won the World Cup in Chongqing, a perfect excuse to review an ascent from her previous World Cup victory, also in Chongqing but in 2015. During that event, she offered one of the most impressive displays of flexibility we’ve ever seen in a comp.

Can knees do that!? | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna see how Iranian climber Gholamali Baratzadeh used his flexibility to top a very tricky problem during the World Cup in 2015.

Katha Saurwein, Power Endurance | Sunday Sends

This week we look back at the 2015 European Champs in Innsbruck to review an ascent by Austrian crusher Katharina Saurwein. We gonna see her top an exhausting problem that required stamina and lots of determination.