Valeri Kremer, Slabmaster | Sunday Sends

In the World Cups, quite often we get to see relatively unknown climbers kicking ass and making super hard problems look easy. This week we gonna witness how Valeri Kremer hicked a slab that shut down superstars like Shauna Coxsey or Miho Nonaka.

Nathaniel Coleman, Mind the Finger | Sunday Sends

Yesterday Nathaniel Coleman won his third USA Championship title. Let’s celebrate it reviewing an epic moment from the 2015 Vail World Cup in which he grabbed a hold as a 1-finger undercling.

Julija Kruder, A Tricky Dyno | Sunday Sends

In this edition of Sunday Sends we gonna see Julija Kruder, from Slovenia, taking down a very tricky dyno problem during the 2015 Innsbruck European Bouldering Championships.

Jongwon Chon, Crimping Style | Sunday Sends

This Sunday, let’s revisit a problem from the 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Haiyang. We gonna see Korean star Jongwon Chon climbing a physical and crimpy qualifying problem that shut down many other strong climbers.

Jeremy Bonder, Volume Rider| Sunday Sends

Let’s revisit a problem from the 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail, Colorado. We gonna see French climber Jeremy Bonder trying desperately to find the way to get on top of a volume in order to match on the top.

Monika Retschy, Double Mantle | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we bid farewell to German star Monika Retschy, who announced her retirement from competition climbing during the World Cup in Munich. She’s been competing internationally for 11 years, making 5 finals in IFSC senior comps and winning a silver medal in Navi Mumbai 2016 (where she was very very close to the gold).

Finally! Footage from Haiyang 2015 Male Qualifiers!

Well, this took a while… about 8 months… but it is finally here. I recorded all this back in June and, since it was almost impossible to upload videos from China, I never sat down to edit it.

2015 Munich Bouldering World Cup – Results

Shauna Coxsey and Alexey Rubtsov have won the 2015 Munich Bouldering World Cup. Jongwon Chon is the 2015 Overall World Cup Champion. It has been one of the most exciting finals of the season.

2015 Munich Bouldering World Cup – Semifinals

Very difficult semifinal for the men, 1 top and 3 bonuses was the cut. Perfect difficulty for the women, for whom 3 tops in 6 attempts was necessary to make finals. Ondra, Coleman and Nonaka are out. We have 3 first-time finalists.

2015 Munich Bouldering World Cup – Qualifiers

Hard problems in the qualifying rounds in Munich. No jaw-dropping surprises. But a few big names didn’t make semis while some dark horses offered impressive performances.