Insecure till the last move | Sunday Sends

Today we gonna see one of Austria’s most prolific climbers in action: Katharina Saurwein. She retired from comps at the end of last season, after almost 2 decades competing internationally. We gonna see her improvise her way up a very insecure, volume-based, slab from the 2016 World Championships.

She didn’t stop until she found the way! | Sunday Sends

Today we gonna see former US Champion and World Cup winner Megan Mascarenas giving a very long and tiring try to a qualifying boulder from the 2016 World Cup in Meiringen. She flashed the problem but it took her about a minute and a half to get to the top. An example of determination and […]

Climbing in a World Cup: a unique perspective | Sunday Sends

Climbing in a World Cup is quite different from climbing in pretty much any other situation. You don’t get to choose when or what to climb, you don’t get to decide how much to rest, and thousands of people are watching your every move. To get a better idea lets watch some uncut footage of […]

An old school problem for a certified ninja! Sunday Sends

Eric Lopez is of the strongest climbers in Spain, having been part of the national team since 2005 and becoming Youth World Champion in 2006. We gonna see him in action during the 2016 World Championships in Paris.

Bonus? I don’t need no stinking bonus! Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna review a bold ascent by Czech crusher Martin Stranik, who during the World Championships in Paris decided to go straight for the top, without touching the bonus at all.

Caution: Slippery surfaces | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna witness how Sol Sa, from South Korea, tackled a very dicey sequence in order to finish a problem during the IFSC World Cup in Kazo, Japan, held in 2016.

Only he could top this! | Sunday Sends

Let’s warm-up for the upcoming IFSC World Cup in Japan with a top from a Japanese star during a comp on Japanese soil. Only one climber out of 33 managed to get this top!

The Circus is in Town! Sunday Sends

In this episode of Sunday Sends we gonna look back at a problem from Innsbruck 2016. A good example of what’s usually called “Circus Climbing”. And while it is true that it would be difficult to find a move like that on real rock, the World Cups have more than their fair share of this […]

Clementine Kaiser, Air France | Sunday Sends

2016 was a great year for Clementine Kaiser, she became French Champion, made her first IFSC final and, during the World Championships in Paris, he offered a great performance and ended up 8th. Let’s review an impressive ascent that she pulled off during the qualifying round of that comp.

Tsukuru Hori, A Bold Move | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we take a look at a bold flash by Japanese climber Tsukuru Hori, who during the qualifying round of the World Cup of 2016 in Meiringen, Switzerland, decided to skip a hold and jump straight to the top.