Munich Qualifiers, the videos

I’ve finally finished the editing of the qualifying videos from Munich. Enjoy!

Munich 2016 Photo Gallery!

Our gallery from Munich 2016 is ready over on our facebook page. Have a look!

Munich 2016: Aftermath

The 2016 IFSC Bouldering World Cup came to an end in a packed Munich’s Olympic Stadium. Tomoa Narasaki and Miho Nonaka took the gold, confirming the impressive superiority of the Japanese team. Moreover, Narasaki also won the overall title.

2016 Munich Bouldering World Cup | Semifinals

Tomoa Narasaki is the 2016 Overall World Cup Winner. The Japanese goes to finals in 2nd place and has secured the title mathematically. The problems in the semis were, once again, easy, (especially for the men, 8 of them topped all the problems) but very fun to watch.

2016 Munich Bouldering World Cup | Qualifiers

Long, easy and punishing qualifiers in Munich. Tops galore and no margin for error. Gelmanov, Retschy and Hojer (among many others) are out. 5 women flashed every single problem.

2016 Munich Bouldering World Cup | Preview

The 2016 Bouldering World Cup comes to an end. The Bavarian city of Munich will host the 7th and last stage, in which most of the Overall Ranking will be decided.

Vail 2016 Photo Gallery!

It took a while but our picture gallery from Vail 2016 is finally ready over at our facebook page. Have a look!

Slow Moments 2016 by LT11

One of the best bouldering videos you gonna see this year! Like they did the last two seasons, Louder Than Eleven has put together a slow-motion highlight reel of the World Cup in Vail. And I think it is the best so far, the images are simply beautiful and the sound effects are perfect.

2016 Vail Bouldering World Cup | Results

Megan Mascarenas and Kokoro Fujii have won the World Cup in Vail. The podium was completed by Shauna Coxsey, Tomoa Narasaki, Anna Stöhr and Alexey Rubtsov. Coxsey has secured the 2016 Overall title.

2016 Vail Bouldering World Cup | Semifinals

Hard semis in Vail. 2 quick tops were the ticket to finals. Akiyo Noguchi and Jongwon Chon are out. The Japanese team has 3 men in finals. Nonaka and Puccio crushed.