Only Janja Garnbret and Alex Puccio climbed this one | Sunday Sends

Today, to celebrate episode 101 of Sunday Sends, we gonna see a double-top by Janja Garnbret and Alex Puccio. Back in 2017, during the World Cup in Vail, these two beasts were the only ones capable of climbing the powerful and exhausting WQA3.

Too elegant for bouldering? | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see one of the most elegant competitors ever, Jain Kim, using her slow and controlled style of climbing to top a problem during the World Cup in Hachioji last year. Her super elegant style may not be optimal for modern bouldering, but it is always great to watch!

Lots of pinching and a tricky ending! | Sunday Sends

This week we celebrate Alex Khazanov’s gold medal in Tai’an by reviewing one of his tops from Vail 2017. A powerful problem with lots of pinches and a spicy last move.

More videos from the China Open

It’s a pity that we didn’t get to watch the China Open. The problems look quite good (no surprise, the setters were Manu Hassler and Matthias Woitzuck). Here you have a handful of video that trickled through social media.

Miho Nonaka and Jongwon Chon win the China Open

The China Open, an international climbing event organized by the Chinese Mountaineering Asociation along with the IFSC, took place last week in Guangzhou, China. The competition was broadcasted live on National TV (sadly just in China and not online for the rest of us) and had many international stars competing.

USA and Canada dominate the PanAmerican Youth Championships

The USA and Canada dominated the PanAmerican Youth Championships, held in Canada at the beginning of the month. Climbers from different countries of the American continent gathered in the city of Montreal to compete in all 3 IFSC disciplines (plus the combined format). The USA and Canada took all the bouldering medals, with the USA winning […]

Asian Bouldering Championships: 5 more medals for Japan

The Japanese team continues with his amazing results, last weekend they won 5 medals (2 golds, 2 silvers, and a bronze) during the Asian Championships in Teheran. Kokoro Fujii and Akiyo Noguchi were the winners. Japan also won 5 medals in Lead, including both golds.

Japan dominates Youth B and wins 5 medals

The Japanese team has shown an (absolute) impressive dominance of the Youth B category tonight, securing 5 medals, including both golds. Rei Kawamata and Futaba Ito were the winners.

Juniors Highlights | Innsbruck YWCH

It’s time to watch some highlights from the Juniors category. The Japanese and American teams had really good results: a gold and a silver for each team.

Claire Buhrfeind and Yoshiyuki Ogata, Youth World Champions

Claire Buhrfeind and Yoshiyuki Ogata have won the Junior category of the Youth World Championships in Innsbruck. Maya Madere, Meichi Narasaki, Johanna Holfeld and Jan-Luca Posch completed the podium.