“My mental game is a lot stronger” | Alex Puccio interview

Here’s an interview with American climber Alex Puccio, recorded right after the super final in Stuttgart. She talks about her outlook on competitions, her victory in Adidas Rockstars and her plans for the future. Enjoy!

Megan Mascarenas, Toehooks galore | Suday Sends

Given that we’ve just enjoyed the 2017 edition of Adidas Rockstars, in this episode of Sunday Sends we gonna review a problem from Adidas Rockstars, but from 2015. We’ll watch American crusher Megan Mascarenas making a semifinal problem look pretty easy.

Semifinals | Adidas Rockstars 2017

The semifinal round presented much harder problems than yesterday’s qualification, especially on the male side. Japan got really good results and has 6 climbers in the final. Noguchi and Rubtsov lead the board.

Jeremy Bonder, Volume Rider| Sunday Sends

Let’s revisit a problem from the 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail, Colorado. We gonna see French climber Jeremy Bonder trying desperately to find the way to get on top of a volume in order to match on the top.

Japan dominates Youth B and wins 5 medals

The Japanese team has shown an (absolute) impressive dominance of the Youth B category tonight, securing 5 medals, including both golds. Rei Kawamata and Futaba Ito were the winners.

Juniors Highlights | Innsbruck YWCH

It’s time to watch some highlights from the Juniors category. The Japanese and American teams had really good results: a gold and a silver for each team.

Claire Buhrfeind and Yoshiyuki Ogata, Youth World Champions

Claire Buhrfeind and Yoshiyuki Ogata have won the Junior category of the Youth World Championships in Innsbruck. Maya Madere, Meichi Narasaki, Johanna Holfeld and Jan-Luca Posch completed the podium.

Youth A Highlights | Innsbruck YWCH

Here you have highlights from the Qualification and Final of the Youth A Category. With stars like Ashima Shiraishi, Filip Schenk or Brooke Raboutou.

Filip Schenk and Ashima Shiraishi, Youth World Champions

Filip Schenk and Ashima Shiraishi have won the Youth A World Championships. The podium was completed by Keita Dohi, Luiza Emeleva, Mizuki Tajima and Brooke Raboutou.

Ashima doesn’t disappoint | YWCH Day 2

Ashima Shiraishi goes to finals of bouldering youth A in first place after the semifinal tonight. On the male side, Filip Schenk, from Italy, leads the board. In the morning we had the Qualification for the youngest category, youth B.