Slovenia and Japan took over! 2018 Moscow IFSC Bouldering World Cup analysis

The Slovenian and Japanese teams left Russia with 3 medals each! The comp was full of jumps and powerful climbing, let’s analyze it round by round!

The route setters didn’t expect that! | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna go back to the World Cup of 2012 in Munich. There, Russian climber Olga Iakovleva outsmarted the setters and found a clever way to top a qualifying problem by skipping most of it and going straight to the top.

Narasaki and Garnbret claim the gold in Moscow

Tomoa Narasaki and Janja Garnbret have won the second bouldering World Cup of 2018. Jernej Kruder, Miho Nonaka, Gregor Vezonik and Akiyo Noguchi completed the podium.

The Bouldering World Cup continues, Moscow 2018 preview!

The Bouldering World Cup continues tomorrow in Moscow! With little time to rest since the spectacular final in Meiringen, the climbers are already in Russia, ready to face the second event of the season.

Highlights from the TNF Boulder Masters 2018

The 2018 edition of The North Face Boulder Master took place in Chile last month. This is one of the most, if not the most, prestigious climbing competitions in Latin America and several international stars were present. Romo Malo brings us some highlights.

Highlights and thoughts from Meiringen 2018

The World Cup in Meiringen was a great way to start the IFSC season. Good route setting and an exciting final (despite some technical issues). Let’s review the comp before diving into the next one, which will take place this weekend in Moscow.

Was M3 illegal!? | IFSC Rules

During the final in Meiringen, some climbers did a downward jump on M3. The IFSC rules state the boulders can’t have downward jumps… so was M3 against the rules?

The most epic top in the World Cups? | Sunday Sends

During the World Cup of 2014 in Grindelwald, Switzerland, Japanese star Rei Sugimoto offered one of the most memorable and exciting attempts we’ve ever seen in a climbing competition. Let’s review it in honor of yesterday’s Swiss World Cup in Meiringen.

Meiringen 2018: Nonaka and Kruder take the gold in a great final

Miho Nonaka and Jernej Kruder have won the first Bouldering World Cup of 2018. Janja Garnbret, Tomoa Narasaki, Akiyo Noguchi and Alexey Rubtsov completed the podium.

Bonus vs. Zones, is there a difference?

If you watched bouldering live streams lately, you may have noticed that nobody talks about bonuses anymore. Now they all refer to that special, tie-breaking hold, as the zone. Why is that?