Big holds & powerful moves, what’s not to like? Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see Mina Leslie-Wujastyk flashing a pretty burly problem during the World Cup in Innsbruck in 2013. Mina doesn’t compete anymore, but back in the day, she was one of the strongest members of the UK Team.

The Lord of the Crimps is back! Sunday Sends

The second season of Sunday Sends is here and we gonna start by watching 3-times World Champion Dmitry Sharafutdinov flashing a problem that no other climber managed to top. Enjoy!

The Best of Sunday Sends Season 1

It’s hard to believe that the first episode of Sunday Sends was published more than a year ago! Dmitry Sharafutdinov was the first climber featured in the series with an impressive top from Munich 2014. Let’s review some of the best moments of the first season!

Bonus? I don’t need no stinking bonus! Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna review a bold ascent by Czech crusher Martin Stranik, who during the World Championships in Paris decided to go straight for the top, without touching the bonus at all.

Only Janja could climb this one! Sunday Sends

This Sunday we are going back to November of 2015, to La Sportiva Legends Only. That evening Janja Garnbret offered an incredible performance, climbing all 5 problems and winning way ahead of Anna Stöhr, Shauna Coxsey, Jule Wurm and Melissa Le Neve. We gonna see her topping the hardest problem of the night.

Caution: Slippery surfaces | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna witness how Sol Sa, from South Korea, tackled a very dicey sequence in order to finish a problem during the IFSC World Cup in Kazo, Japan, held in 2016.

Vail 2018, Qualifiying results

The World Cup has started in Vail. Hard problems for the women and, surprise, great results for team Japan. Good start for Alex Puccio too, she is in 1st place along with Fujii, Murai and Noguchi.

No rest allowed, time for Vail 2018!

Less than a week after Hachioji, the 2018 IFSC Bouldering World Cup continues in the USA. The beautiful town of Vail, Colorado, will host the 6th event of the season.

Revenge of the veterans, Moroni and Noguchi win in Hachioji

In this age in which it looks like teenagers are crushing comps every weekend, a couple of seasoned veterans, Gabri Moroni and Akiyo Noguchi took the gold in Hachioji. Both were competing before the IFSC even existed!

Too elegant for bouldering? | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see one of the most elegant competitors ever, Jain Kim, using her slow and controlled style of climbing to top a problem during the World Cup in Hachioji last year. Her super elegant style may not be optimal for modern bouldering, but it is always great to watch!