Anna Stöhr, Local Hero | Sunday Sends

Anna Stöhr is one of the best competition climbers ever. 45 medals (including 22 golds) testify how impressive her performance has been over more than a decade competing at the highest level. And her results outdoors are jaw-dropping too, just last week she climbed her second V14 | 8B+. Let’s go back to 2014 to […]

GuiGui Mondet, Flying in Vail | Sunday Sends

Guillaume Glairon-Mondet has always been an excellent dynoer. Let’s go back to Vail 2014 to watch him flash the first problem in the final, a run-and-jump that required a lot of coordination.

Tsukuru Hori, A Bold Move | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we take a look at a bold flash by Japanese climber Tsukuru Hori, who during the qualifying round of the World Cup of 2016 in Meiringen, Switzerland, decided to skip a hold and jump straight to the top.

Jonatan Flor and Itziar Zabala, 2017 Spanish Bouldering Champions

Last weekend, Barcelona hosted the 2017 Spanish Bouldering Championships. Jonatan Flor defended his title while Itziar Zabala, who had already won the national cup in 2015, won her first national championship.

Melissa Le Neve, Don’t Let Go | Sunday Sends

French star Melissa Le Neve may have retired from the World Cups, but she’s still climbing as hard as ever. Two weeks ago she won the Bloc Shop Open, in Montreal, ahead of climbers like Alannah Yip or Alex Puccio. Outdoors, over the last year, she climbed her first 8B | V13 and 8B+ | […]

Video: Shauna Coxsey & Leah Crane in California

Five Ten and Bear Cam bring us this cool video that follows British crushers Shauna Coxsey and Leah Crane on a visit to California. If you are curious about their training and wanna get to know them a bit better don’t miss it!

Rustam Gelmanov, Crusher in Laval | Sunday Sends

Russian star Rustam Gelmanov offered a stellar performance during the 2014 IFSC World Cup in Laval, France. Let’s revisit the first problem in the final, which only Rustam could top.

5 moments from the Bloc Shop Open 2017

The Bloc Shop Open, held in Montreal, was a really good show. The final was full of international stars, with Mickael Mawem and Melissa Le Neve winning the event. I’ve chosen 5 of the moments from the event that caught my attention, let me know what you think!

Jonas Baumann, Feet First | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we go back in time to the summer of 2012 to revisit a very physical problem from the male semifinal in Munich. We gonna see German climber Jonas Baumann sending it on his second try.

Bloc Shop Open Live!

We have world-class bouldering tonight! In Montreal, Canada, the final round of the Bloc Shop Open will be livestreamed at 5.30pm (UTC-4). The lineup includes stars like Alex Puccio, Jernej Kruder, Alex Megos, Tyler Landman, Melissa Le Neve, Sebastien Lazure, Alannah Yip or Mickael Mawem.