Rubtsov and Nonaka win Studio Bloc Masters 2018

Alexey Rubtsov and Miho Nonaka won the 2018 edition of Studio Bloc Masters in a spectacular final full of good problems and with plenty of tops. Jan Hojer, Janja Garnbret, Jernej Kruder and Fanny Gibert completed the podium.

Can knees do that!? | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna see how Iranian climber Gholamali Baratzadeh used his flexibility to top a very tricky problem during the World Cup in 2015.

Studio Bloc Masters, more world-class bouldering this weekend!

Tomorrow we have more live bouldering of the highest level. Studio Bloc Masters is taking place in Pfungstadt, Germany, and the Semis and Finals, full of international stars, will be live-streamed on Sunday.

The 2018 Rab CWIF in review

The Rab CWIF was the perfect way to start the 2018 international competition season. Good climbing and a good show full of big stars. Kokoro Fujii and Alma Bestvater took the title.

Russian Championships 2018, victory for Sergey Skorodumov and Victoria Meshkova

More results from last weekend. The Russians had their nationals and Sergey Skorodumov and Victoria Meshkova became the 2018 Champions in Bouldering.

Jessica Pilz and Georg Parma win the Austrian Nationals

Austria celebrated their bouldering nationals last weekend. Jessica Pilz and Georg Parma took the title in an event that illustrates the generational change in the Austrian competition scene.

Katha Saurwein, Power Endurance | Sunday Sends

This week we look back at the 2015 European Champs in Innsbruck to review an ascent by Austrian crusher Katharina Saurwein. We gonna see her top an exhausting problem that required stamina and lots of determination.

The Rab CWIF 2018 is here!

The international bouldering season kicks off tomorrow with the 2018 edition of the Rab CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival). Hundreds of climbers, including lots of international stars and tens of world-class problems ensure a show not to be missed!

Sean McColl and Allison Vest win the Canadian Bouldering Nationals

Canada crowned their 2018 National Bouldering Championships in Mississauga, Ontario at Up the Bloc. Sean McColl won his 12th national title and Allison Vest, her 1st.

Jernej Kruder, Out of the Box | Sunday Sends

This week, on Sunday Sends, we gonna see yet another Slovenian crusher, Jernej Kruder, climbing a problem with a very unusual start and a very spicy ending. Enjoy!