“My mental game is a lot stronger” | Alex Puccio interview

Here’s an interview with American climber Alex Puccio, recorded right after the super final in Stuttgart. She talks about her outlook on competitions, her victory in Adidas Rockstars and her plans for the future. Enjoy!

Megan Mascarenas, Toehooks galore | Suday Sends

Given that we’ve just enjoyed the 2017 edition of Adidas Rockstars, in this episode of Sunday Sends we gonna review a problem from Adidas Rockstars, but from 2015. We’ll watch American crusher Megan Mascarenas making a semifinal problem look pretty easy.

Semifinals | Adidas Rockstars 2017

The semifinal round presented much harder problems than yesterday’s qualification, especially on the male side. Japan got really good results and has 6 climbers in the final. Noguchi and Rubtsov lead the board.

Qualifiers | Adidas Rockstars 2017

Powerful and rather easy problems today. Climbers squeezed big pinches, toe hooked a lot and jumped around in a fun qualifying round. The big surprise is Stasa Gejo’s poor performance that landed her in 25th position, out of semis.

Adidas Rockstars 2017 is here!

The 2017 edition of Adidas Rockstars, one of the most prestigious climbing competitions on the planet, starts tomorrow in Stuttgart, Germany. Many of the world’s best boulderers will be there, so don’t miss it!

Jeremy Bonder, Volume Rider| Sunday Sends

Let’s revisit a problem from the 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail, Colorado. We gonna see French climber Jeremy Bonder trying desperately to find the way to get on top of a volume in order to match on the top.

Adam Ondra Against the Clock | Sunday Sends

This video was planned way before Adam’s ascent of Project Hard, but now it looks even more appropriate. In this edition of Sunday Sends (it was published on Sunday but I forgot to publish this post ;) we revisit the 2015 Euro Champs in Innsbruck. We gonna see Adam dealing with MB4.

Monika Retschy, Double Mantle | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we bid farewell to German star Monika Retschy, who announced her retirement from competition climbing during the World Cup in Munich. She’s been competing internationally for 11 years, making 5 finals in IFSC senior comps and winning a silver medal in Navi Mumbai 2016 (where she was very very close to the gold).

Yuri Novitskiy, Cornered | Sunday Sends

Let’s revisit an ascent from the 2013 edition of the Munich WC (since I’m in town to cover this year’s event). We gonna see Russian climber Yuri Novitskiy thinking outside the box and finding his own way to the top.

Miho Nonaka, Newborn Star | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we witness Japanese star Miho Nonaka making her way to her first World Cup final. It was in Innsbruck, back in 2014. She was just 16 years old.