Lots of tops and lots of heartbreaks in the male semifinal

Today the men faced much easier problems than those set for the women. 4 tops have been required to make finals and many favorites failed the test: Adam Ondra, Tomoa Narasaki and Jernej Kruder are out.

Janja Garnbret, Bouldering World Champion

In a difficult final, Janja Garnbret has secured the title of Bouldering World Champion. The Slovenian won every round of the competition and, in the final, ended up one zone ahead of Akiyo Noguchi. Stasa Gejo won the bronze.

Garnbret and Klingler crush in the semis | Innsbruck 2018

World Champion Petra Klingler will get the chance to defend her title in the final tonight, after a really good performance in the semis. She is in second place, right after Janja Garnbret, who flashed 3 problems.

Adam Ondra: I was mentally prepared for the bad conditions

Adam Ondra talks about the bouldering qualifying round Innsbruck in which he had to climb late and facing pretty bad conditions.

Lots of jumps and big holds in the male qualis | Innsbruck 2018

Dynamic and powerful boulders for the men. Jernej Kruder and Tomoa Narasaki lead the board after a qualifying round full of jumps and big holds. The difficulty level was almost perfect (but uneven between the groups).

Innsbruck 2018: The bouldering starts with very hard problems for the women

The Bouldering has started at the World Championships in Innsbruck. The female qualifiers took place today and the boulders were very hard. Most favorites made it to semis but we saw a lot of frustration during this very long round (it lasted for more than 5 hours).

Adam Ondra, from mad to focused in 15s | Sunday Sends

This Sunday, to celebrate the Climbing World Championships that are taking place in Innsbruck, we gonna see World Champion Adam Ondra facing his demons during the 2014 World Cup in Innsbruck. When he fell from the top of a semifinal problem he got quite mad, but he was able to change his mental state in […]

Highlights from the pre Munich World Cup Simulation

Via Beta Routesetting, here you have some insight into the setting process and then some cool moves from the Bouldering World Cup simulation that took place in Boulderwelt Ost right before the Munich event. Many international competitors were already in town and took advantage of this super cool comp to get ready for the real […]

Sit back and… match? | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna feature another Japanese superstar. If last week we saw Miho Nonaka in action, today we gonna witness Akiyo Noguchi topping a problem in a very unorthodox way. Enjoy!

If Picasso was a route setter… | Sunday Sends

Miho Nonaka just won her first Overall Bouldering World Cup title. To celebrate it, we gonna see her topping a very hard boulder from Haiyang 2015. A boulder that looks like a piece of modern art!