Wide pinches and a terrible undercling | Sunday Sends

Today we gonna see Shauna Coxsey sending a very powerful problem from the first full IFSC season that she did, 2013. We haven’t seen her competing in a while but soon she’ll be back on the World Cup walls, so let’s prepare with this nice top from almost 6 years ago.

Studio Bloc Masters 2019 Live!

Studio Block Masters, one of the biggest and most prestigious open comps in the season, is taking place in Germany this weekend. Today they are having the semis and finals and the field is as stacked as it can get. Make sure you don’t miss the show!

Bad holds, slightly overhanging… another old-school gem! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna see Gabri Moroni faced with a pretty hard line that shut down most climbers in the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup in Grindelwald. Only 5 tops and nobody climbed it in less than 3 tries. The last move was very difficult but, on his 6th attempt, Gabri found the way […]

Sean McColl and the Green Pyramid of Doom | Sunday Sends

Last weekend Sean McColl offered yet another great performance at the CWIF. The Canadian crusher has been killing it in comps for a long time and today we gonna see him on a problem that is almost 7 years old, a tricky and technical boulder from Munich 2012.

A tough fight with massive slopers | Sunday Sends

This Sunday we gonna see a climber that, despite being one of the most recognized names in the history of the sport, never won a World Cup. Melissa Le Neve was a habitual finalist in IFSC Bouldering competition for about a decade. She won several medals, including 3 silvers, but she never got a gold. […]

It’s time for the CWIF 2019!

The Climbing Works International Festiva, the ultra-classic open comp that takes place every year in Sheffield, England, is underway at The Climbing Works. Hundreds of climbers, including international stars from all over the world, will compete today and tomorrow.

How Kilian Fischhuber broke the spell and won his first championship | Sunday Sends

Kilian Fischhuber is one of the best competition climbers ever, no questions asked. But oddly enough, despite his many years of success in international competitions, which include 47 medals in World Cups, up until 2013 he had never won a championship title. That changed during the European Championships that took place that year in Eindhoven.

Crux Open 2019, the international bouldering moves to Warsaw

The comp season continues! After the Dock Masters in the Netherderlands, now is time for the Crux Open. Warsaw will host this massive event with more than 400 500 participants and many international stars in attendance.

The day Jan Hojer turned rain into gold | Sunday Sends

No more World Champions for a while! Today we gonna see a climber that has never been World Champions but that has won his fair share of IFSC medals, Jan Hojer. We gonna review his last ascent from the first World Cup that he won. A competition in which initially he didn’t even make semis!

Massive slab + coordination dyno! | Sunday Sends

We still have room for yeat another World Champion! To celebrate Jule Wurm’s comeback from retirement (don’t get too excited, she’s just taking part in Dock Masters 2019) we gonna see her topping a very hard slab during her most successful competition season, 2014. That year she won the Bouldering World Championships in Munich.