Penrose Step, V14 by Alex Puccio

Alex Puccio has climbed her fourth V14 (8B+), Penrose Step, in Leavenworth, Washington state. Puccio was very close to climbing the problem about a year ago, when she fell from the top.

The Real Thing, the original bouldering movie, free on YouTube!

Moon Climbing has just released on YouTube the 1996 bouldering movie The Real Thing, the first 100% bouldering movie ever!

2018 Hueco Rock Rodeo: Hard problems and hard rain

It doesn’t rain often in Texas’ desert, but when it does, it pours! An intense rainstorm forced the 2018 edition of the Hueco Rock Rodeo to be rescheduled. Frustrated climbers had to wait in their tents for the rain to stop and the rock to dry. But when it did, the climbing felt better than […]

Anthony Gullsten climbs The Big Island 8C | V15

Finnish climber Anthony Gullsten has repeated The Big Island, an iconic compression line in Fontainebleau. It is graded 8C | V15 and was first climbed by Vincent Pochon in 2009. Since then, it has been climbed by stars like Hojer, Hukkataival, Robinson or Webb.

Massive 8C Catch-Up

Time to play catch up with all the super hard ascents that have been done all over the world in the last weeks. Grab a map, let’s go!

Wonderlust 8B | V13 by Isabelle Faus

American boulderer Isabelle Faus has climbed her 11th 8B | V13 boulder, Wonderlust, located in St. Vrain Canyon, Colorado.

Jumpman, Paul Robinson latest short

Paul Robinson is taking his craft as a filmmaker to a new level. Movies like Uncharted Lines aside, he’s producing short clips from his trips that are getting better by the day. His latest short depicts his personal battle to send Jumpman, a V14 | 8B+ located in Colorado.

Hard climbs on the Dreamtime Boulder by Cotting and Schubert

The legendary Dreamtime Boulder, in Cresciano, Switzerland, has seen a lot of traffic lately. After the repetitions of The Story of Two Worlds by Khazanov, Rauch and Jelonek, the line has also been climbed by Sebastian Cotting. Meanwhile, on the other side of the boulder, Jackob Schubert climbed Dreamtime.

Video: Nacho Sanchez sending El Indomable 8C/+ | V15/16

Here’s a short and sweet video covering Nacho Sanchez’s ascent of El Indomable, a super hard line opened by Alberto Rocasolano and considered by Sanchez to be one of the hardest he’s ever climbed.

Nayuta V16 movie review

Dai Koyamada climbed his V16 | 8C+ boulder Nayuta in April of last year. He recently published a movie following the projecting process and final ascent. It depicts that one boulder in meticulous detail, showing the slow progress made by Koyamada, try after try until he finally succeeded.