Nayuta V16 movie review

Dai Koyamada climbed his V16 | 8C+ boulder Nayuta in April of last year. He recently published a movie following the projecting process and final ascent. It depicts that one boulder in meticulous detail, showing the slow progress made by Koyamada, try after try until he finally succeeded.

Dave MacLeod repeats Catalan Witness the Fitness

Scottish climber Dave MacLeod has repeated Catalan Witness the Fitness, a roof problem opened by Chris Sharma a couple of years ago in Catalonia. The 39-year-old considers the line to fall within the 8B+ | V14, concurring with Jakob Schubert’s assessment.

Nacho Sanchez repeats El Indomable, the hardest problem in Spain

Spanish climber Nacho Sanchez has pulled off the first repetition of Alberto Rocasolano’s El Indomable, calling it “a very hard 8C” and “the hardest problem I’ve ever climbed“. The line was opened as an 8C+ | V16 by Rocasolano back in October.

V15’s by Rauch, Jelonek and Koyamada

Over the last week The Story of Two Worlds, one of the most famous V15 | 8C problems in Europe has seen 3 ascents (two of them by the same climber!) and Dai Koyamada has added yet another super hard first ascent to his legendary resume.

Paul Robinson, back in Hueco Tanks

Paul Robinson keeps doing his thing, sending hard problems all over the planet and making high-quality videos while he’s at it. Right now he’s back in Hueco Tanks, Texas, exploring an area that has recently reopen to climbing.

Oriane Bertone climbs Golden Shadow, 8B+ | V14

French climber Oriane Bertone, just 12 years old, has become the 9th women to ever climb a boulder graded 8B+ | V14 by repeating Fred Nicole’s Golden Shadow in Rocklands, South Africa.

Paul Robinson, Matt Fultz and Daniel Woods climb La Plancha, V14 | 8B+

The latest addition to Colorado’s long list of superhard boulders is La Plancha. Located in The Flatirons, near Boulder, the line was discovered and cleaned by Chad Greedy and Isabelle Faus. Paul Robinson made the first ascent a few days ago, grading it V14 | 8B+. Now Matt Fultz and Daniel Woods have joined the […]

Megan Mascarenas, Inside Out

Nice profile of Megan Mascarenas from MadRock. Despite her huge success competing all over the world (USA Champion, 4th place in the 2016 Paris World Championships, 2 gold medals in World Cups…) she keeps a low profile. She’s quite soft-spoken and doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, so videos like this one are always […]

Dai Koyamada keeps delivering, Gekirin is his latest 8C | V15

Japanese legend Dai Koyamada seems to be immune to the effects of aging. The 41 year old has been opening 8C’s for at least 14 years (according to his profile, his first 8C FA, Byaku-dou, is from 2003). Less than a year ago he climbed his 8C+ | V16 proposal, Nayuta, and he just […]

Tamás Zupán opens The Last Jedi, his third 8C | V15

Hungarian climber Tamás Zupán has done the first ascent of a new 8C | V15, The Last Jedi, in an area near Budapest. This is his third ascent of that grade after In Search of Time Lost (Magic Wood, Switzerland) and Zunami (Saalachtal, Austria).