Ryuichi Murai, sendage in Magic Wood

ryuichi_murai_la_Force_tranquille_v15 (1)

Japanese climber Ryuichi Murai is in Magic Wood, braving the high temperatures and sending hard stuff left and right. In the span of two weeks he has climbed more than a dozen double-digits, including 3 of the hardest problems in the area.

Tim Reuser and Kim van den Hout, 2017 Dutch Bouldering Champions

dutch_nationals_2017_podium (1)

The Dutch Nationals took place over the weekend in Amsterdam. Tim Reuser and Kim van den Hout took the gold followed by Elko Schellingerhout, Tiba Vroom, Don van Laere and Julia Meijer.

Alex Megos climbs Monkey Wedding too!

alex_megos_monkey_wedding_v15_8c (2)

I told you Rocklands was on fire! And it will continue to be, now that Alex Megos has arrived and that Shauna Coxsey is on her way. The latest super-ascent on the area is yet another repetition of Fred Nicole’s Monkey Wedding, this time by Alex Megos.

Puccio, Ondra, McColl, Hukkataival… We got them all! OnBouldering Digest 09/07/2017

onb_digest_09072017 (2)

A ton has happened in the bouldering world over the last month! Let’s play catch up!

Rocklands is in full season!

kilian_fischhuber_the_end_of_sand (1)

The South African paradise of Rocklands is full to the brim with crushers hiding from the high Summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Superclassic and superhard lines have been repeated left and right. Just this week Alex Khazanov climbed Monkey Wedding 8C | V15 and Marine Thevenet repeated Fragile Steps 8B | v13.

McColl and Puccio win the Bend Summer Competition

sean_mccoll_bend_summer_comp_2017 (2)

The Bend Summer Competition took place a week ago in the town of Bend, Oregon, as part of the Subaru Outside Games. Sean McColl and Alex Puccio won in a final full of stars like Tyler Landman, Kyra Condie, Michael O’Rourke or the Raboutou’s.

Evil Backwards, Puccio keeps sending V13’s

alex_puccio_evil_backwards_v13 (1)

Alex Puccio had a very productive month of June. She took part in the Bouldering World Cup in Vail, ending in 4th place, she won the Bend Summer Competition in Oregon and, outdoors, she climbed several double digits, including 3 problems graded V13 | 8B. The latest, Evil Backwards, she climbed last week on Mount […]

The Finnish Line, Hukkataival’s latest superproblem

nalle_hukkataival_the_finnish_line (2)

Finnish crusher Nalle Hukkataival is back in Rocklands, South Africa, doing his thing. 3 days ago he managed to climb his latest super project, calling it The Finnish Line, a proud arete that Hukkataival considers ‘a new contender for the hardest in Rocklands‘.

Krater, new 8C | V15 by Adam Ondra


Adam Ondra has added a new super hard line to his bouldering resume with his first ascent of Krater. The line is a linkage of Blatant and Kra, two 8B | V13 problems located in the Czech area of Holstejn (less than an hour away of Adam’s hometown, Brno). Adam considers it 8C | V15.

Video: Charles Albert climbing Monkey Wedding barefoot!


Here’s the video of Charles Albert’s ascent of Monkey Wedding (8C | V15).