Chris Sharma in World Cup!? | Sunday Sends

Chris Sharma is an absolute climbing legends, famous for his cutting-edge first ascents in bouldering, lead and deep water soloing. And although he’s not known for his comp climbing, back in the day he took part in a handful of international competitions. Let’s see him competing in France in 2001, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.


There are two more videos from that comp available here.

And here’s Chris doing his thing during a Deep Water Soloing comp in Spain, back in 2014:


  1. Ignacio Pascual says:

    Super cool! it’s so easy to forget the crappy footage (quality-wise), and the volume-less comps!
    Anyway, thinking about the late 90’s and early 2000’s make me feel old! time fly past and still remember myself astonished by this child ;)
    Many thanks for video…still sharper than my blurred memory :)

  2. I was the JP at that comp. Christophe Billon was doing the results service. And you can hear Christopher Hardy on the microphone.

    • AngelPalacio says:

      Haha I was pretty sure you were involved. I guess the challenge is to find an international comp in Europe in which you were not running things.

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