Climbing With The Stars: La Sportiva Legends Only 2014

Tomorrow 6 of the best boulderers on the planet will take part in the most exclusive comp of the year: La Sportiva Legends Only. Adam Ondra, Daniel Woods, Jernej Kruder, Jan Hojer, Jimmy Webb and Alex Megos will face 5 extremely hard problems (~ V12 | 8A+ to ~ V14 | 8B+) in Stockholm’s Klättercentret.

This comp is way different from the usual IFSC format. The focus is on extreme difficulty and spectacular problems. But not even this guys can have real chances of sending (or being close to send) 5 really hard problems in just a few minutes, so they are allowed to work on the problems before the competition.

With such an all-stars lineup is absolutely impossible to predict the result. Just remember that all of the participants have climbed at least one V15 | 8C boulder problem, three of them have won at least one Bouldering World Cup and two of them have won the Overall Bouldering World Cup. It would be really hard to find a more interesting lineup right now.

On the setting side competition experts Kilian Fischhuber and Sean McColl will be assisting Robert Rundin, Joakim Berglund and Stefan Eklund.

The cocompetitiontarts tomorrow, 29th, at 20:00h (Stockholm time, UTC+1)


Here’s an EpicTV clip about the event:


  1. Jakob Raab says:

    I met Alex Megos last week at the bouldering gym and it was incredible for me how good he was, so it´s actually hard for me to believe that he might have become last :D

    • He was second after Ondra. But still, ending up in last place when you are competing against such a group of stars doesn’t mean much. There’s no room for error.

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