Competition catch-up: USA, Japan and Ukraine

Just because the IFSC Comps are over it doesn’t mean that there are no big bouldering comps left. Several national-level events are taking place along with the Asian Continental Championships. Let’s do some catch-up!

Japan taking over the Asian Championships

In Karayoshi, Japan, the Asian Continental Championships are taking place and so far the local team is crushing (they pretty much did the same last year).

No big surprises, the only question with team Japan is which of the superstars is gonna win. In bouldering, Futaba Ito and Meichi Narasaki have won this time.

You can check the resuls here.

The combined will take place tomorrow, you can watch it live at the Japanese federation Youtube channel.

And here you have the replay of the bouldering final:


The USA Cup series is underway

Meanwhile, in the USA, the third event of the National Cup is taking place in a week. Natalia Grossman and Ross Fulkerson are leading the ranking after the competitions in Pittsburgh and San Diego.

The biggest news of the series so far has been Sierra Blair-Coyle’s victory in the second event. This was her first national-level victory and she won against a stacked field, competing against climbers like Alex Puccio, Brook Raboutout or Margo Hayes. Sierra has been working hard for years, improving her skills constantly, and it is inspiring to see all that effort paying off.

'This is my first professional competition that I have ever won and I am speechless.'

The final of the third event (to be held in Houston, Texas) will take place next Saturday, watch it live here.

The last event of the series will take place in Fort Collins, Colorado, on the second weekend of December.

And here you have the replays of the first two finals:

5th National title for Sergii Topishko

Finally, the Ukraine had it’s national championships and Sergii Topishko won his 5th title, ahead of Fedir Samoilov and Artem Paukaev.

1- Sergii Topishko | Jenya Kazbekova
2- Fedir Samoilov | Olga Kulish
3- Artem Paukaev | Margaryta Zakharova

Samoilov sending the 3rd final problem

You can see more videos here and a couple of streams (done with a phone) here and here.

Thanks a lot to Alexey Kasyanenko for the info and the links!

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