Coxsey and Chon take the gold in Navi Mumbai. Coxsey has secured the overall title.

Shauna Coxsey and Jongwon Chon took the gold medals in a final full of powerful and dynamic problems. They were one step ahead of the rest throughout the evening and they sealed the deal by getting the only ascents of W4 and M4. Miho Nonaka, Rei Sugimoto, Akiyo Noguchi and Alexey Rubtsov completed the podium.

Full results: men & women.

After this victory, the 11th in her career, Coxsey is the overall winner, regardless of what happens in Munich. Nonaka, Garnbret and Noguchi will battle for the silver and bronze medals.

After this event, three climbers have options to the male overall: Chon, Rubtsov and Watabe. Both Rubtsov and Watabe will depend on Chon’s performance, even if they win in Munich. Narasaki, current overall winner, won’t be able to defend his title.

Check the overall rankings here: men & women.

Now the Bouldering World Cup takes a long break. The next, and last, event will take place in Munich, Germany, the third weekend of August.

IFSC World Cup Navi Mumbai 2017

IFSC World Cup Navi Mumbai 2017


  1. Scabby legs/knees = more golds (for the men) ;-)

    • In-depth analysis!
      But hey, now that the upside-down theory has left the building we may have to look for clues somewhere else. Scabby legs, tea consumption, surnames that start with C…

  2. The commentators didn’t say anything about Petra deliberately chalking up the brush and then marking the spot of the blind hold inside the crater on W4. I think the brushers rubbed it back off immediately. Is marking holds illegal in IFSC WC?

    • Hey Anja, that’s a very good question. It is against the rules to add tick marks, in fact, you get an extra attempt if you do it (section 7.4.4 of the rulebook). I think I’ll make a short video about it. Thanks!

  3. I think if Rubstov wins in Munich then Chon can only take the overall title if he comes second. Watabe can only take the overall if he wins in Munich AND Chon comes tenth or lower.

    • That sounds right.

      If my math is correct…
      Watabe needs to win and needs Chon to be 10th or worse and Rubtsov to be 4th or worse.
      Rubtsov needs to make podium. If Rubtsov wins Chon has to be second. If Rubstov is second Chon needs to make finals. If Rubstov is third Chon needs to be at least 10th.

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