CWIF 2016 Live Tomorrow!

The 10th edition of the Climbing Works International Festival is taking place this weekend in Sheffield, England. 450 climbers, including many international stars, are taking part in what is called (accurately in my opinion) the best bouldering competition in Britain.

Today, Saturday, climbers will face 30 qualifying boulders (some, like Sean McColl have done them all already). The top 20 will move on to semifinals (Sunday 12:00, UTC+0), and the top 6 will compete in the final round (Sunday 17:30, UTC+0).

Some of the big names among those 450 participants are Jimmy Webb, the aforementioned Sean McColl, Jan Hojer, Shauna Coxsey, Melissa Le Neve, Petra Klingler, Rustam Gelmanov, Dave Barrans, Jorg Verhoeven, Chloe Caulier, Michaela Tracy, Leah Crane, Stefan Scarperi, Rolands Rugens and Vera Zijlstra.

Many of the organizers have been involved in the IFSC comps for years, route setters included, so this is the closest to a world cup you can get (but unlike in the world cups, you get to see Jimmy Webb too). So don’t miss it!

Semis and finals will be streamed live at the official website.

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