Rab CWIF 2017 this Weekend!

Like every year, the Climbing Works International Festival marks the beginning of the international competition season. This weekend 450 climbers from 20 countries will compete in Sheffield side by side with international stars like Jongwon Chon, Petra Klingler, Melissa Le Neve or Jernej Kruder.

The lineup for the CWIF seems to get more impressive with each edition. In a way it is even more attractive than some World Cups, since we get to see rock climbers like Jimmy Webb, Alex Megos or Pete Whittaker competing along comp animals like Sean McColl or Rustam Gelmanov.

Other big names competing are Jan Hojer, Jorg Verhoeven, Chloé Caulier, Katha Saurwein, Gabri Moroni, Michaela Tracy, Jule Wurm, Michael Piccolruaz or Leah Crane (but check out the list and you’ll recognize many more).

Sadly Shauna Coxsey won’t be defending her title since she’d rather prepare for the first IFSC World Cup in Switzerland and make sure that her shoulder in 100% ready for the occasion.

The quality of the problems is guaranteed by a setting team that includes 3 IFSC route setters: Percy Bisthon, Jamie Cassidy and Manu Hassler.

Make sure you don’t miss it. On Sunday, the semis (12:00 UTC) and finals (18:10 UTC) will be streamed live at thecwif.com


  1. Sadly Alex Megos is not competing now because of his poorly finger, though he will still be there.

    • Yes, he’s here and he has done quite a bit of climbing, including sending some of the hard problems :D
      But yeah, he’s not really competing, just having fun.

    • Wow, looks like the guy competed after all!

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