Dai Koyamada opens Nayuta, V16 | 8C+ proposal in Japan

Japanese legend Dai Koyamada continues putting up new lines at the cutting edge of bouldering difficulty. On the 4th of April, he climbed his latest (and hardest according to him) project. Nayuta is a 27-move problem located in Gero, Japan.

The name of the problem, Nayuta, means “an extremely great number or beyond the existing things“, which sound appropriate for a boulder that sits at the limit of existing difficulty (with only Burden of Dreams to its right).

“I suggest V16 because it’s the hardest problem I’ve ever sent in my life but I think some repeats are required to be fixed. (…)
I’m now very relieved and happy to send this project before my physical limits. This is just one of the major milestones and I won’t stop! I’ll keep climbing hard!” Koyamada on Instagram

In that same area, Gero, about a year ago, Koyamada opened Nehanna V15 | 8C. Nayuta is an extension that links that line with a V14 | 8B+ problem.

Koyamada projecting Nayuta

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