Daniel Woods and Kyra Condie win the Hueco Rock Rodeo 2017

The 24th edition of the Hueco Rock Rodeo took place last weekend in Hueco Tanks National Park, Texas. Daniel Woods and Kyra Condie won the open category.

The Rock Rodeo is probably the most famous outdoor event in the USA. It is the perfect opportunity to explore one of the best bouldering destinations on the planet in good company.

The “Rodeo” part, the comp, is a pretty straightforward concept. You simply climb and write down the V-grades of the problems you top, and that’s pretty much your final score.

Una foto publicada por Kyra Condie (@kyracondie) el

This year’s event was marked by the high temperatures. The belt buckles (the trophies) went to Daniel Woods (this is the 6th time he wins the event) and Kyra Condie, with 7295 and 3910 points.

“I started the day with ‘Tequila Sunrise’ (8A+) then tried ‘Esperanza’ (8B+) and fell on the last move to the finish hueco. After I moved on to do ‘Barefoot on Sacred Ground’ (8A+), ‘Loaded Direct’ (8A+), ‘The Rhino’ (8A), ‘Diaphanous Sea’ (8A), and ‘Diabolique’ (8B).
(…) Now my skin feels like it is in a fire pit.

Daniel woods

Una foto publicada por Daniel Woods (@dawoods89) el

Open Division Podium:
Daniel Woods – 7295 | Kyra Conde – 3910
Keenan Takahashi – 7100 | Mollie Rennie – 3900
Ben Hanna – 6645 | Juliet Hammer – 2310

Check the results of the other categories here.

And here you have a clip of last year’s edition (won by Jackob Schubert and Alex Puccio):

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