Daniel Woods floating | Sunday Sends

To honor the third stage of the USA Cup, this Sunday we will see an American climber taking down a very American boulder during a World Cup in American soil. We gonna see Daniel Woods, 9 times USA Champion, campusing his way up a problem in Vail 2014.

After editing the video I realized that this weekend we also had a Tour de BIFF (Beastmaker International Footless Festival) comp, which makes this “campusing-heaving” video only more appropriate :D

And here’s more climbing from that round:

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    1. Great sequence and a joy to watch. Just wish the mash up at the end had been a little bit longer.

      • AngelPalacio says:

        The thing with the mashup is that I don’t any more footage from other climbers, so it would have been a bit repetitive


    1. […] week Aussie climber Thomas Farrell will show us that, in a World Cup, campusing like Woods or squeezing like Hojer is not enough. Because sometimes there’s simply nothing to grab. But […]

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