Watch Daniel Woods on Lucid Dreaming

At the beginning of the year Daniel Woods managed to do the first (and only) repetition of Lucid Dreaming 8C | V15, one of the hardest problems on the planet. Footage from the ascent has been released as part of the promotion of the film Exposure Vol. II.

<<As soon as I stuck that move I was like “oh crap”>> Daniel Woods’ thoughts about climbing the slab top-out in the dark.

Lucid Dreaming is a two-move boulder problem located in Bishop, California. Paul Robinson made the first ascent in 2010 and graded it V16 | 8C+, the hardest grade ever given to a boulder problem (later he dowgraded it to V15 | 8C ). You can read a detail account of the first ascent here.

You can watch the Exposure Vol. II  trailer here. And buy it here.

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