Dave MacLeod repeats Catalan Witness the Fitness

Scottish climber Dave MacLeod has repeated Catalan Witness the Fitness, a roof problem opened by Chris Sharma a couple of years ago in Catalonia. The 39-year-old considers the line to fall within the 8B+ | V14, concurring with Jakob Schubert’s assessment.

MacLeod was in Spain to do some sport climbing. But her climbing partner got injured and MacLeod, finding himself without a belayer, decided to spend a couple of days bouldering.

He first climbed a couple of 8B | V13 lines on the roof, hesitant to commit to Catalan Witness the Fitness due to the iron cross move it involves (MacLeod ha a serious Shoulder injury a few months ago). But he finally went for it and managed to send it pretty quickly. You can read a detailed account on his blog.

Catalan Witness the Fitness has been confirmed at Font 8C several times, although after Jakob Schubert’s amazing ascent recently, he suggested a downgrade to 8B+. I don’t have the same experience at this level of bouldering as those other guys, but given what I do have, I think I would concur with 8B+.

MacLeod is the epitome of the all-terrain climber. He climbs at a very high level on ice and rock, and with and without a harness. Some of his most impressive bouldering climbs are Practice of the Wild, Lithium or Mystic Stylez.

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