Dock Masters 2019, the international comp season starts this weekend!

The new season is here! The first international bouldering competition of the year will take place this weekend in The Netherlands. International stars from 10 different countries will compete on 3 rounds, following IFSC rules. The final, on Sunday, will be streamed live on youtube.

No less than 50 problems away the recreational competitors on Sunday

Boulderhal Energiehaven, in Utrecht, is kicking off the international comp season with the 2019 edition of Dock masters. The event combines an open, climb-all-you-can, popular event with an elite competition featuring big names from several national teams.

Jule Wurm will come out of retirement to grab some plastic along beasts like Sean McColl, Sergii Topishko, Guillaume Glairon-Mondet, Melanie Sandoz, Rolands Rugens, Ali Baratzadeh, Nico Januel, Jenya Kazbekova or Mickael Mawem.

Of course, The Dutch national team will be present and the setting team will also have an international flavor: Romain Cabessut, Fred Charron and Manuel Wiegel will be drilling away.

On the mic, another very well-Known personality from the climbing scene: Eddie Fowke, editor of The Circuit, will be doing the commentary.

The final starts this Sunday at 7pm (UTC+1).

You check all the details here.

And here’s the livestream:


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