Double gold for Japan, Noguchi and Fujii win in Chongqing

Akiyo Noguchi and Kokoro Fujii won the 2018 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Chongqing. Miho Nonaka, Sean McColl, Stasa Gejo and Alexey Rubtsov completed the podium.

Perfect division on the female final. Akiyo Noguchi was clearly ahead of the rest, being the only with 4 tops. Nonaka got 3 tops and Gejo won her first World Cup medal with 1 top and 3 zones.

Uneven final for the men. The first problem was too easy, the third too hard (and boring to watch). Problems 2 and 4 were quite good and very physical. In the end, Kokoro Fujii took the gold being the only climber with 3 tops.

It’s good to see Sean McColl back on the podium after his mediocre 2017 season (and after his finger injury last Summer). He was very close to winning the comp, falling near the top of M4.

Alexey Rubtsov and Jernej Kruder continue their good season. They are the only guys who have been in every final.

Full results: men & women.

The Asian Tour continues next Saturday in Tai’an.


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