Drift, Adam Ondra’s latest 8C | V15 in Holštejn

After sending his super project in Norway, Adam Ondra is back home, training and having fun in the local area of Holštejn, located to the north of his hometown, Brno. His latest hard first ascent is Drift, a hard boulder/traverse that he considers 8C | V15.

The wall in which Drift is located is packed with Ondra’s super hard lines, including his 8C+ | V16 proposal, Terranova, and Krater, graded 8C | V15. Those two lines and Drift are very close and, in fact, they share some holds. I’ve made a short video explaining which line is which and how they relate to each other.

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    1. […] Ondra keeps sending hard lines in his limestone playground in Holštejn, Czech Republic. Last week he opened Drift 8C | V15 and now he has done the first ascent of Vrtule, which he considers even harder, 8C/+ | […]

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