European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Semifinals

Really hard problems in the semifinal round in Innsbruck. Many big names are out, and we have a very unusual lineup for the finals.

Male Finalists: Schubert, Ondra, Rubtsov, Hojer, Stranik, Scarperi

Female Finalists: Wurm, Stöhr, Saurwein, Pilz, Retschy, Gibert, Markovic

The conditions were less than ideal yesterday, cold and rainy, with some climbers complaining about wet holds and simply too much humidity to latch on to those volumes and tiny screw-on’s.

Bad conditions and hard problems resulted in very few ascents. Three men and three women made finals with just one top.

It all came down to attempts. Which meant that a small mistake here or there could make you drop many positions on the scoreboard.

Three big favorites are out on the male side: Sharafutdinov, Gelmanov and Glairon Mondet. And we have a very fresh lineup for the finals.

Some thoughts:

  • First finals for Scarperi, Pilz and Stranik.
  • Four Austrians in the finals. Impressive.
  • Very good results also for the German and Czech teams.
  • This is the second IFSC competition for Alexey Rubtsov since Paris 2012. The other one was Haiyang last year, where he placed 10th.
  • Monika Retschy seems to specialize in Euro Champs. The last time she made finals was in Eindhoven 2013.
  • Michael Piccolruaz, who made finals in Eindhoven 2013 with just 17 years of age, almost made finals again (he’s in the dreaded 7th place).

Full results (men) and (women)

Don’t miss the finals, this evening at 19:30 (UTC+2). Live at

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