Free streaming! The IFSC backtracks and cancels the FloClimbing deal

The IFSC has decided, during today’s Monthly Executive Board meeting, to keep the live streaming free and to back down from the deal with FloClimbing. According to the official statement “The live streaming for IFSC will remain free of charge”.

Here’s the entire statement:

IFSC Official Statement
12 Apr 2017

It was made a mistake and we apologize for that.

The live streaming for IFSC will remain free of charge, the same as it was at the 1st World Cup in Meiringen, Switzerland and in previous years.

The deal – despite having been announced – has not been signed and thus has not been concluded.

Any possible future variation of this policy will be discussed inside the IFSC and subject to the approval of our key stakeholders.

Let’s keep climbing together.

Looks like the massive backlash and the protests from federations, athletes and fans had an effect and the IFSC had no choice but to listen to the community. Tomorrow they will publish a press release that will hopefully have some more details.

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