Free Range, V13, by Isabelle Faus

American boulderer Iabelle Faus keeps crushing, 3 days ago she added Free Range, V13 | 8B, to her impressive resume. This is her 12th boulder graded V13 or harder (only Ashima Shiraishi and Alex Puccio compare). It also the first female V13 of 2017.

Una foto publicada por IsaBelle FAUS (@fausey) el

Free Range is a sit start to Cage Free (V11 | 8A). It is located in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, Chris Schulte did the first ascent and Alex Puccio the first female ascent less than two years ago.

Here’s Rob D’Anastasio climbing Free Range:

Also, check out this newly-released video of her ascent of The Wheel of Chaos (V14 | 8B+):

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