Revenge of the veterans, Moroni and Noguchi win in Hachioji

In this age in which it looks like teenagers are crushing comps every weekend, a couple of seasoned veterans, Gabri Moroni and Akiyo Noguchi took the gold in Hachioji. Both were competing before the IFSC even existed!

It looks like, this season, the only constant is the Japanese team. They’ve won a total of 15 medals already. And only Noguchi and Nonaka have been in all 5 finals (to be fair, Chon only missed the final of the comp in which he couldn’t participate).

Here you have some highlights from Hachioji (you can watch the entire replay here):

And don’t miss this video by Udo Neumann:


  1. Florian Koch says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, but Akiyo and Miho have already secured Gold and Silver in the overall ranking. It is only a matter of who of the two gets which one by now.

    • AngelPalacio says:

      Good point! I hadn’t noticed. Chances are the gold will be decided in Munich then.

  2. More interesting will be the faith for male title — if you omit worst results, Kruder and Narasaki have exactly the same points before Vail and Munich.

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