Gabri Moroni and Anna Stöhr win at the Milano Climbing Expo

Milan hosted the first climbing event of 2018, a climbing exposition that included climbing competitions in lead and bouldering. A handful of international stars were present, with Gabriele Moroni and Anna Stöhr taking the victory in the invitational bouldering event.


Bouldering event results:
1- Gabriele Moroni – Anna Stöhr
2- Kilian Fischhuber – Katharina Saurwein
3- Andrea Zanone – Giulia Medici
4- Andrea Botto – Giada Grassi

For the bouldering competition, climbers set their own boulders. It was interesting to see the “golden era” Austrian team competing again. Mina Markovic and Adam Ondra won the lead event.

Katha Saurwein climbing her own boulder

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