Gabri Moroni closes a great September with an 8C | V15

September has been a great month for Italian climber Gabriele Moroni. He considers it one of his ‘most productive months ever’, having climbed 3 hard lines that would make any climber proud.

Update: Video of Ziqqurat at the bottom of the post!

'The full support from the crew and the perfect north wind helped a lot and all of the sudden I found myself at the top of this giant for its second ascent!!

At the beginning of the month, he did the first repetition of 29dots, a highball (14 meters | 46 feet high) opened by Bernd Zangerl in 2015. Located in Valle dell’Orco, Northern Italy, Moroni climbed it in two days, after working the sequences in top-rope. You can read an interview about the ascent at Planet Mountain.

My guess, having climbed or put up a good number of hard highballs around the world, is 8A+!
Moroni on 29dots

Moroni repeating 29dots

Then in Champorcher, he did the first ascent of Murano low start. The original line, graded 8B | V13, was opened by Niccolo Ceria. Moroni added a 7C+ | V10 start, which makes the entire thing about 8B+ | V14.

'Conditions were not the best but I gave it all and fought like I've done only a few times in my life...'

Finally, a few weeks ago, Moroni closed September repeating another of Ceria’s first ascents, Ziqqurat, a roof prolbem graded 8C | V15.

On the 20th Moroni turned 30 years old. I’m guessing he’s feeling younger than ever.

Update: Here’s the video of Ziqqurat:

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