Garnbret and Klingler crush in the semis | Innsbruck 2018

World Champion Petra Klingler will get the chance to defend her title in the final tonight, after a really good performance in the semis. She is in second place, right after Janja Garnbret, who flashed 3 problems.

The finalists are:
1- Janja Garnbret
2- Petra Klingler
3- Akiyo Noguchi
4- Jessica Pilz
5- Stasa Gejo
6- Miho Nonaka

Full results here.

Akiyo Noguchi also deserves special recognition for her mental toughness. Coming out to try the last problem, being the only climber on the wall (all eyes on you), and knowing that you need to top it to make finals is not easy. And she delivered and got the top on her second try. Let’s remember that she won her first medal in a World Championship 11 years ago.

Here’s an analysis of the round by Niklas Wiechmann:

And here’s the full replay:

Finals at 7pm (UTC+2). Live at


  1. Schlep Narrenschiffe says:

    The videos are “not available” in my country, having been “blocked on copyright grounds by Penceo”. Penceo’s website says : “Penceo Sport is a Switzerland-based, international agency dedicated to web design, event management, communication and branding in the world of sport. We exist to bring the finest tools and design to the world of sporting federations. Impact, buzz, mobility: our thinking and our results are always at the cutting edge of technology and design.”

    It is impossible to maintain any interest in IFSC competitions when you can’t watch them. Impact and buzz are nil in the case when potential viewers are excluded en masse.

    • AngelPalacio says:

      Hey Schlep, sorry for the late reply. Your comment was marked as spam for some reason.

      I don’t know which of the videos you are referring to, I’m guessing the one by Niklas Wiechmann. Since he used footage from the livestream, Penceo, who manages the rights for the IFSC, may have blocked it in some countries. No idea.

      I agree that watching IFSC comps, especially in the US, is much harder than it used to be.

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