Get ready for The CWIF 2015

The Climbing Works International Festival will take place this weekend in Sheffield, England. A stellar team of routesetters will prepare tens of problems for the hundreds of climbers that will take part in this 9th edition.

Over the years the CWIF has become one of the most prestigious competitions on the planet. It offers a unique mixture of top-level competition and friendly local-gym bouldering jam. Everyone can participate, there’s no limitation of age or skill.

In the CWIF an average climber is side by side with world-class stars from France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and, of course the UK. And world class means IFSC World Cup winners, 9a on-sighters, world champions, 8B flashers…

Take a look at the long (more than 300 climbers from at least 15 countries) starting list and you’ll see many famous climbers. To name a few: Alex Megos, Shauna Coxsey, Katha Saurwein, Guillaume Glairon Mondet, Dave Barrans, Jorg Verhoeven, Thomas Caleyron, Melanie Sandoz…

In the qualifying round (Saturday) there are 30 problems of a wide range of difficulty. Everyone climbs at the same time, watching and helping each other. The 20 best move to the semis and that’s when things get a bit more serious.

Semis and finals are basically an IFSC World Cup. The format is almost the same, there will be many world cup climbers and the problems will be set by a team that includes 3 IFSC routesetters (Percy Bishton, Jamie Cassidy and Manu Hassler) .

So much talent setting and climbing ensures a show not to be missed. You can watch the livestream at

The Climbing Works team will be making an extensive coverage of the event through twitter and instagram. including Q&A’s with the stars.

Here are some highlights from last year to get you excited:

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