Get ready for the PsicoComp!

Tomorrow, the Utah Olympic Park hosts the second edition of the Psico Bloc Masters, the world biggest Deep Water Soloing (aka psicobloc) competition. The impressive (15 meters tall!) wall will be climbed by stars like Daniel Woods, Chris Sharma, Sasha Digiulian or Ashima Shiraishi.

View of the Psico Comp compeition venue

It doesn’t get much cooler…

If you liked the Red Bull Creepers don’t miss this. No bridge in sight, but a tall, proud, comp wall overhanging over a deep pool. And some of the best climbers on the planet trying to make their way to the top as quickly as they can.

The list of participants is full of big names: Paul Robinson, Sean McColl, the Alexes (Johnson and Puccio), Angie Payne, James Webb… they are even importing some european talent: Andrea Szekely, from Hungary, Klemen Becan, from Slovenia, and Nacho Sanchez, from Spain, will be there too.

Miguel Riera, psicobloc pioneer, and Dani Andrada, Spanish climbing legend, will be setting the routes.

Finals (tomorrow at 19:00, UTC-6) will be streamed live by Louder Than Eleven.

Check out last year’s highlights:

Visit the official website for more info.

Pictures take from the event’s Facebook Page.

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