Giuliano Cameroni completes the Dreamtime boulder


Swiss climber Giuliano Cameroni has climbed Dreamtime, the ultra classic test piece put up by Fred Nicole back in 2000. This is Cameroni’s second 8C boulder problem, the other one being Dave Graham’s The Story of Two Worlds.

About a year ago, Cameroni became the youngest person to climb an 8C | V15 (he was 16!) when he climbed TSOTW. He called it “one of the most complete [boulder problems] I have ever seen” and added that “the battle against this boulder is not finish, on the other side there is Dreamtime“.

Two days ago he sent that problem “on the other side”. Cameroni’s has climbed the Dreamtime boulder from both sides, following two of the most famous (and hardest) lines in the world: The Story Of Two Worlds and Dreamtime. He’s just 17 years old, I can’t wait to see what he does next..

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