Hard climbs by Rocasolano and Koyamada

Braving the high temperatures in the Northern hemisphere Alberto Rocasolano and Dai Koyamada have been able to add new hard ascents to their impressive resumes. An 8C repetition for the Spaniard and a new V14|15 for the Japanese.

In the Basque Country, northern Spain, Alberto Rocasolano has climbed his 6th 8C boulder:  Airian.

The problem, located in the Baltzola cave and opened in 2012 by Iban Larrion, was the second 8C proposal in Spain. This is its first repetition.

In Japan, Dai Koyamada keeps doing his thing. If a few weeks ago we were impressed by MacLeod’s climbing level at 37 years of age, what Koyamada is doing with almost 40 is beyond words. Over the years he has opened and repeated tens of very hard problems all over the world. He regards this last one, Nehanna, as somewhere in the V14/15 grade. In other words: extremely hard.

Una foto publicada por @dai_koyamada el

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