Hard roofing in Colorado by Woods, Graham and Robinson

American crushers Daniel Woods, Dave Graham and Paul Robinson have been busy establishing and repeating very hard roof problems in Colorado. Graham’s Topaz (V15 | 8C) and Woods’ Creature from the Black Lagoon (V16 | 8C+) are the new additions to their jaw-dropping resumés.

Una foto publicada por Dave Graham (@dave_graham_) el

Dave Graham on Creature from the Black Lagoon

Looks like with the cool temperatures of autumn came the low gravity days. While Finnish star Nalle Hukkataival was working on the first V17 ascent ever, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham and Paul Robinson were busy in Colorado sending fresh roof problems.

3 weeks ago Woods managed to send what was known as the Black 90 Project calling it Creature from the Black Lagoon. The project was established by Graham back in 2001 as a low start to Leviathan Style (V12 | 8A+). Woods has graded it V16 | 8C+, his third problem of that grade after Hypnotized Minds and The Process.

Just yesterday Graham pulled off the first repetition, confirming the grade:

“Probably the hardest thing I have ever climbed! This climb suits me, but still pushed me farther than anything I have ever done that is graded 8C. Time will tell, but 8C+ seems completely logical.”
Dave Graham on Creature from the Black Lagoon V16 | 8C+

Graham seems to be in very good shape at the moment. Last week he did the first ascent of Topaz, a short roof problem graded V15 | 8C. Looks like Graham himself was surprised by his own performance, calling the ascent “unexpected” and “surprising”. Since then both Woods and Robinson have also climbed it.

“This thing is 8 hand moves with 5 intense foot moves thrown in. The crux revolves around a big move to a left hand flat mini pinch off of a right hand quarter pad crimp. The transition to double toe hooks on the lip builds suspense and then the final left hand bump again to the arête gives a falling sensation everytime.”
Daniel Woods on Topaz V15 | 8C

Un vídeo publicado por Daniel Woods (@dawoods89) el

Daniel Woods sending Topaz

It is truly remarkable that Graham has done his hardest ascent ever at almost 35 years of age, more than a decade after his first ascent of The Story of Two Worlds, which is now considered the standard for the V15 | 8C grade. Graham has been performing at world-class level for about 15 years… and he seems to be at his best!

Una foto publicada por Paul Robinson (@paulrobinson87) el

Paul Robinson on Topaz

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