Hard sends in Japan by Murai, Amma, Chon and Ondra

A triple ascent of an 8C highball, a near flash of an 8B+ and a repetition of a long, horizontal 8C roof problem. Let’s catch up with some of the hard ascents Japan has seen lately.

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Adam Ondra and Jongwon Chon visited Japan to take part in The North Face Cup. After the event they teamed up with Sachi Amma and went rock climbing. They came back with an unprecedented triple ascent of Asagimadara (8C | V15), at Mount Mizugaki.

Asagimadara is a very hard highball first climbed by Tokio Muroi (who, by the way, climbed it without any crashpads…) around 5 years ago. Since then it has been repeated by Toru Nakajima and Toshi Takeuchi (and now the three beasts mentioned above).

Chon comleted his trip flashing Agony (8A+ | V12) and sending Mineruba (8B+ | V14) in two attempts (apparently he was very close to the flash).

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Meanwhile, in Shiobara, Ryuichi Murai has repeated Dai Koyamada’s Babel, an 8C | V15 that results from linking “Catharsis(8B+) to Hydra(8B) via Uma(8B+)”. It is one of those spectacular, long (30 moves) roof problems, signature of Shiobara, with big moves and lots of twisting. Take a look:

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