Hojer and Kruder team up to repeat Es Pontas

German powerhouse Jan Hojer and Slovenian star Jernej Kruder are in Mallorca, Spain, working on the most famous deep water soloing (AKA psicobloc) line ever: Chris Sharma’s Es Pontas. Opened by Sharma in 2006, the route remains unrepeated and it is considered one of the hardest on the planet.

Una foto publicada por Jernej Kruder (@kruderjernej) el

Jernej Kruder about to get wet.

Un vídeo publicado por Jernej Kruder (@kruderjernej) el

Update: Jernej Kruder trying the dyno (and taking a nasty fall).

Es Pontas, located in the Spanish island of Mallorca, was made famous in 2007 by the movie King Lines. Since then it has captured the imagination of thousands of climbers all over the planet.

The line has been praised by pretty much everyone who has tried it; it is spectacular in every aspect: the setting, the impressive arch, the height… and of course the dyno.

Right in the middle of the arch, it features an impressive jump in the most overhanging section of the line. The coordination and determination required are matched by the consequences of failing to stick the move: a big, many times uncontrolled, fall into the water several meters below.

Some say that what awaits after the dyno is even harder, a tricky technical section with very bad holds and very high stakes (the fall gets higher and falling after having stuck the dyno must be heartbreaking).

This summer French star Alban Levier spent some time in Mallorca trying it. He couldn’t get the ascent but he’s fallen in love with the line and he plans to go back as soon as possible.

Something similar happened to Jan Hojer. He visited Mallorca, tried the line for a few days and left feeling an urge to go back soon.

He went back just a week later, teaming up with Jernej Kruder, who is also visiting Mallorca to try Es Pontas. At this point, both have stuck the dyno and they are working on the upper part.

“We had a great session together, stuck the dyno a couple times each and started battling our way through the traverse!” 
Hojer on projecting the line with Kruder

Kruder, in fact, was close to flashing the dyno. Since then he has topped the arch following a different line, also climbed by Sharma back in the day, called Pontax and considered 8C.

Es Pontas has remained unclimbed for more than a decade; now it looks like the first repetition may come any day now.

Una foto publicada por Jan Hojer (@janhojer) el

Jan Hojer after the dyno.

Un vídeo publicado por Alban Levier (@alban_levier) el

Alban Levier trying the dyno.

Una foto publicada por Alban Levier (@alban_levier) el

Levier with the eyes on the prize.

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